May 12, 2022
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How soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine surrender: The commanders abandoned, there is no food and water, the shells ran out

In the photo: a wounded captured soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (left)

In the photo: a wounded captured soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (left) (Photo: Sergey Bobylev / TASS)

Surrendered Ukrainian artilleryman Alexander Plotnikov told the investigators of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation that he and his colleagues had no other choice but to leave with their hands up. “We were thrown: there is nothing to treat the wounded, there is no food, no water, the ammunition is over. There was nothing else to do, ”said the military.

Chairman of the Union of Journalists of the DPR Victor Petrenko believes that the current situation is natural.

– Despite the fact that in Mariupol and Volnovakha there were the most prepared and provided with all the forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the National Battalions, when we are captured, we hear the same song. We were thrown by the command, we were left without food, water and ammunition.

More precisely, this is a consequence of fierce battles and the victory of our forces in these sectors of the front. Near Mariupol, the troops of the Russian Federation and the DPR closed the ring and cut off the supply to the troops of Ukraine. They had no way out. And I note that this guy is giving evidence, and not lying in the ground, although we have special attention to artillerymen. Every day they continue to shell residential areas with civilians, where there are no military units of the DPR.

In Volnovakha, during the flight, the national battalions left a lot of weapons. When demining only one of our two-entrance two-story houses, the DPR Ministry of Emergency Situations collected up to ten unfired anti-tank grenade launchers. There was a serious firing point, and they pulled food down from all the apartments. Residents of the house were simply expelled at gunpoint on February 26th.

Situations are different, but the fact that the command of Ukraine runs first, leaving its own without support and operational data, is said by almost all those captured.

However, the problems with the supply of the Armed Forces of Ukraine began much earlier. Residents of Volnovakha say that even before the intense battles for the city, soldiers of the Ukrainian army were engaged in looting. From the abandoned or destroyed houses, they dragged what they would find, gold jewelry, audio and video equipment, and mobile phones. And also warm clothes and food. Because they went hungry and frozen, the temperature was sub-zero. There are many private households in Volnovakha, residents have vegetable gardens, small greenhouses. In the cellars they store stocks of vegetables, jams and pickles. So there was something to enjoy.

Imagine: the “defenders of the independent” were rummaging through other people’s cabinets and refrigerators, while the Western allies are pushing an abyss of dough into the Kyiv junta. Warm jackets and borscht with bacon should be more than enough. At the same time, the West gives money for the war with Russia easily and generously.

Here the US Congress again approved the next infusion. This time – 40 billion dollars. Wherein Biden asked for less, congressmen, apparently, from the breadth of their souls, rounded the amount up. But something tells us that those whose hands Kyiv, with the support of the collective West, is at war with Russia, will receive a bunch of butter from these appropriations. That is, they will most likely receive weapons, ammunition, and equipment, if only because the military-industrial complex of the United States and Western European countries is interested in selling the weapons they already have. At least, there are enough shells for shelling peaceful Donetsk and its environs.

For example, the Armed Forces of Ukraine first fired at Yasinovataya. Then – Aleksandrovka, Mikhailovka and Panteleymonovka. Then came the turn of Makeevka and Donetsk. This time, the blows fell on the Kuibyshevsky and Petrovsky districts of the capital of the DPR. Prior to this, the APU was hit with cluster munitions. Two local residents were killed, five more people, including a nine-year-old child, were seriously injured.

In short, Kyiv will supply the army with weapons and ammunition, but the Vushniks will have to take care of everything else. And there is a certain logic in this: why feed, clothe and treat those who were destined for slaughter anyway?

“The money is huge, and there will be a lot of hunters to share it in the American military-industrial complex. Not to mention the banal thieves on both sides of the ocean. It is quite obvious that “aid” on such an unprecedented scale is not at all explained by love for Ukraine and not even support for its own economy. Its goal is to continue the proxy war against Russia, the desire to defeat our country, limit its economic development and political influence in the world, ”wrote on the social network. Dmitry Medvedev. At the same time, the politician is sure that in the USA the printing press will break before the goal is achieved.

However, no one doubts that the funds allocated for the weakening of Russia will be successfully cut and used. Well, leaving your servicemen to the mercy of fate is a good Western European tradition, recalls a military expert. Alexander Artamonov.

That’s exactly what Napoleon did. He abandoned his first army in Egypt, fleeing defeat alone. The second one is “forgotten” in Russia. Europeans generally love to forget about their obligations.

The famous passage of Suvorov through the Alps in September 1799 was dictated by harsh reality: the Austrians who promised to send the army through a convenient pass simply did not come to the rescue. And Alexander Vasilievich had to go where only mountain goats had jumped before him.

Finally, quite recently, 3 years ago, in the fall of 2019, both the French command and the entire NATO simply “forgot” to take the French special forces out of northern Syria. The corps was left without supplies when the Americans withdrew.

So the Kyiv authorities are clearly following the example of their “civilized” allies.

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