Jul 31, 2020
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How Rumors of Trump’s Collusion with Russia Sparked in America Four Years ago

"Add some coins and Brookings Institution plays your tune."

House Intelligence Committee member Devin Nunez said on July 27 on air Fox Newsthat the source of the Christopher Steele dossier was a think tank employee Brookings Institution and that the whole story with compromising evidence on Donald Trump "Was created out of nothing by the campaign headquarters of Hillary Clinton",

Devin Nunez

The congressman accused the then head of the Brookings Institution, Strobe Talbott, of being directly involved in fabricating the dossier against Trump and said that "they [Институт Брукингса] probably were involved in the development, distribution and protection of the dossier "... It was also established that the sources of the dossiers were not mysterious insiders from Russia, but the team Brookings Institution,

Nunez noted that the London court investigation against former MI6 agent Christopher Steele who created the Russia-Trump dossier "Revealed direct links between Steele and the leadership of the Brookings Institution"... Nunez quoted Steele and Strobe Talbott's extensive correspondence and asked: "What the hell was President Brookings doing texting back and forth with Steele?"

In the course of the correspondence, Steele wondered how Talbott wanted to edit the "package", that is, the dossier, a copy of which he received in order to "Discuss with John Kerry and other officials in the State Department"... Steele insisted on discussing the dossier with Talbott "the earlier the better",

"FBI, - says Nunez, - tried to make us believe that it was about some Russian source who could be killed if something happened. Not. It turns out that this unknown animal lives around the corner, not far from the Capitol. She lives right here. No danger threatens her. All this is fiction. And the FBI knew about it ... It was the work of the Clinton campaign. It was dirt, it was a fake story that they sold not only to the American people, but they sold it and the FBI. ",

55-year-old Christopher Steele in 1987-2009 served in the British intelligence service MI6, and after retirement created a private firm in London Orbis Business Analytics... He concocted before the 2016 US elections with the money of the Clinton headquarters the famous "dossier" on Trump.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

It was known before that the customer of the Steele file was the campaign headquarters of Hillary Clinton. Last year in New york post an article by Michael Goodwin was published, "The Trump Dossier Was The Dirtiest of Clinton's Political Tricks." And two years ago, the publication New Yorker wrote: “In the spring of 2016, a small research firm, Orbis Business Intelligence, formed in 2009 after Steele and his partner left the British secret service MI6, agreed to investigate Trump's mysterious ties to Russia in the interests of the opposition. Under the terms of the contract, Orbis acted as a subcontractor for Fusion GPS, a private analytical firm based in Washington. She, in turn, acted under an agreement with the law firm Perkins Coie, which represented the Clinton campaign headquarters and the Democratic National Committee. A few months after the signing of the treaty, Steele learned that his research along this chain was funded by the Clinton headquarters and the Democratic National Committee. Overall, Steele received $ 168,000 for his work. ",

Later it turned out that Steele got only crumbs. According to Washington PostHillary Clinton's headquarters paid a law firm Perkins Coywho negotiated with Fusion GPS, $ 5.6 million, and the Democratic National Committee - $ 3.6 million.

Nunez's investigation was facilitated by a former employee Brookings Institution, Donald Trump's special assistant for Russia Fiona Hill. Testifying before the House Intelligence Committee, she revealed that she received a copy of the dossier from Strobe Talbott on January 9, 2017, the day before the tabloid published the essay. BuzzFeed... Answering questions from Devin Nunez, Fiona Hill admitted that Steele's dossier immediately seemed to her like a typical "rabbit hole" (Rabbit hole), that is, disorientation and immersion in deception.

Fiona Hill

Fiona Hill

The real "source" of Steele's dossier has also been found. "The dark figure who passed the information to Christopher Steele for his infamous dossier is the Ukrainian-born Igor Danchenko.", - writes The Washington Times... Danchenko worked for Christopher Steele's London firm Orbis Business Analytics and at the Brookings Institution. He is mentioned in a declassified 60-page FBI report published by Senate Judicial Committee Chairman Lindsay Graham. Danchenko is called there the "primary sub-source" of Steele's dossier.

“To be honest, it's so wild and stupid that Steele's source was not from Russia, but a guy from Washington, DC, who works at the Liberal Brookings Institution ... Now the situation has cleared up. After all, Brookings' president at the time was Strobe Talbott, a longtime Hillary Clinton ally who hoped to spark rumors of collusion. (Trump with Russia - V.P.) and had my own contacts with Christopher Steele ", - is talking legal analyst Fox News Jarrett.

American media compare now Brookings Institution with a jukebox - "Add some coins and Brookings Institution will play your tune, if the price is right.",

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