Dec 28, 2020
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How psychosomatics affects the energy and biofield of a person

How psychosomatics affects the energy and biofield of a person

Many ancient scientists thousands of years ago assumed that health largely depends on our psychological state. It turns out that psychosomatics is just as closely related to energy.

The human biofield is a fragile system that is in constant dynamics. Take care of her so that all areas of your life flourish. Experts remind that a lot of different factors, including psychosomatic ones, affect the biofield.

This is the unity of thoughts and the physical state of a person. But thoughts do not directly affect health. At first, they negatively affect the energy of a person, and a weak biofield, in turn, leads to various ailments, poor health, loss of strength and diseases.

Thoughts are our building blocks for happiness. They shape everything: good luck in love, in business, in the financial sphere. Everything that we have or do not have is the result of our belief in ourselves and our doubts about what is not worth doubting.

Psychosomatics really exists. In many difficult life situations, especially if you are sick or a black streak has come in your life, you first need to get rid of negative thoughts. The more confidence a person has that he will recover, the faster this will happen. Belief in the strength of your body increases immunity against most diseases. It is not at all surprising that a placebo helps those who believe in its miraculousness.

By becoming stronger mentally, anyone can become healthier and more energetically stable.

Meditation… The first thing to practice is meditation. Earlier we talked about how to learn how to do this and why it is so important. When a person is immersed in his thoughts, he can control them. Meditations teach us to separate the important from the assumed.

Affirmations… In the subconscious of every person there are negative programs: “I am sick,” “I cannot recover,” “I will always be frail,” and so on. In order for such thoughts to go away, it is necessary to apply affirmations – the simplest phrases that you need to repeat to yourself every day. Learn about health and healing affirmations that can relieve psychosomatic problems.

The cause of diseases can be generic curses, as well as evil eyes and damage. Health and energy can be taken by things-vampires and people-vampires. Try to be more careful about your surroundings.

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