Oct 14, 2021
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How patterns are created on the surface of coffee

How patterns are created on the surface of coffee

Today in the article: we will tell you about five techniques for applying drawings to the surface of coffee

Have you ever wondered how coffee shops create such beautiful patterns on the surface of a drink? Today we will open the veil of secrecy and tell you about the 5 main techniques of this art.


  • The basis for the drawings should be thick. Therefore, a thick cappuccino or espresso is best for drawing.
  • Use heavy cream (30-35%). In this case, you should not beat them for a long time, they should only slightly thicken.
  • Whisk the cream in a stainless steel pitcher. The spout of this jug allows you to make your drawing accurate and beautiful.
  • For best results, sprinkle the surface of the coffee with cocoa powder.

5 basic techniques


This is the basic and most difficult painting technique. To create the image, the master uses only a pitcher (a jug with a special spout).

Most of the drawings are based on 3 main figures: a heart, a flower and an apple. The rest are just derivatives of them.


A sophisticated kind of pitching. The barista uses not only a pitcher, but also additional devices: skewers, brushes or toothpicks, which greatly facilitates the process of creating a picture and expands the scope for imagination.

Mixed media

A distinctive feature of the technique is the addition of new elements to the drawing, for example, nuts, cinnamon, chocolate or syrup.

Stencil technology

The simplest of all the techniques presented. To create a picture, ready-made stencils are used. With their help, the pattern is applied to the surface of the coffee.

Stencils allow even amateurs to create complex drawings and inscriptions.

3D technique

The most effective drawing technique! The characters created by the master from airy foam look very realistic and insanely beautiful.

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