Feb 5, 2021
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How overweight women feel

How overweight women feel

People who do not have problems with being overweight may not understand how difficult it is to be overweight. Not so much physiologically as psychologically. Public condemnation develops a sense of inferiority in them.

Every new day prepares for plus-size women trials. Some of them pass steadily, while others do not withstand the pressure and withdraw into themselves.

In educational institutions, at home, in a company, through the media, society imperceptibly instills the complete idea that they are inferior, second-rate and of no use to anyone. As a result, even after losing weight, a once plump person continues to internally feel flawed.

The most hypocritical behavior that can be found is the justification of mockery and humiliation by concern for health. Saying to a person, “You look like a fat cow,” is not anxiety. Worrying means advising a good nutritionist or donating a slow cooker for healthy cooking.

Many people believe that if you are fat, then an inactive amoeba. The overweight can dance, run, live a full active life. Fat people are not Olympic sprinters, of course, but a person of any weight can be out of breath.

What marketers call cellulite and from which they sell miraculous ointments and scrubs is on the body of any woman. Cellulite can easily be seen in a slender lady.

Learning to dress in front of other people, without thinking that they are staring at your body with condemnation, is another task.

Overweight people often hear the phrase: “Nobody needs you like that and you will never get married.” But a large number of unmarried thin girls confirms the idea that personal happiness does not depend on the type of figure. Nevertheless, they do not predict a lonely old age for thin people, and constantly for plump ones.

Shopping is usually a problem. If you are overweight, this does not mean that you are not curvy and your body resembles a curbstone. Clothing manufacturers don’t understand this. As a result, clothes larger than M hang on the full ones, like a hoodie, and smaller ones – tight like a Krakow sausage.

The men’s department in youth clothing stores is a salvation for the overweight. Women’s T-shirts are usually not friendly with breasts of the third size and more. And the tops of boots are not at all designed for full legs. Fat people devote hours to fitting not out of a great love of shopping.

The most unfortunate place on the body is the thighs. They touch and rub against each other. Bare legs under a skirt or pants slipping without a belt are infernal pain in the evening. Clothes are frayed in this place, which quickly deteriorates.

You can be an excellent specialist a hundred times over, but when you are hired, you can easily be met by your kilograms, and not by your mind and abilities. People want to see slim people next to them, even if they themselves are not. Also, many have stereotypical thinking: you can’t cope with your weight, you can’t cope with work.

When you weigh more than the generally accepted norm, you automatically ask everyone anxiously, “Isn’t it hard?”
“You are very beautiful, but you would like to lose weight” – not a compliment.

If you meet up with friends and no one orders their own food, you feel ashamed that one is hungry. Even if I hadn’t eaten for half a day before. When a thin person wants to eat, society perceives this as normal. The feeling of complete hunger is irritating.

It is a habit to wear jeans instead of shorts in the heat. Anyway, clothes that cover more of the body, which, on the contrary, should have breathed from the point of view of hygiene and thermoregulation. All because of the complexes.

In any dispute, scandal or quarrel, when the opponent runs out of arguments, weight will be the first target of the strike. The phrase may sound: “Better look after yourself, and do not argue.”

What to do? First of all, a woman needs to accept herself and love. Whatever it is: full, thin, moderately well-fed. Otherwise, no external changes will affect the internal state. We have a separate article about this.

When starting to work on yourself, also work out the emotional reasons for being overweight. The psychosomatics of excess weight in women is spelled out here, follow the link. Understanding yourself helps a woman lose weight.

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