Jun 22, 2022
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How old do breasts grow

How old do breasts grow

The problem of the shape and volume of the breast worries many women. Most, of course, complain that their breasts are not as big as they would like. Naturally, women are trying in every possible way to influence the process of breast growth, however, having heard that various kinds of manipulations and interventions at a young age can stop breast growth altogether, girls are tormented in anticipation of when, finally, the breast will grow or it will be possible to do so. push. However, another nuance also arises here – women, not knowing to what age their breasts grow, are simply afraid to “miss” the period when breast growth can be activated without harming their own health.

It is impossible to say unequivocally how many years breasts grow, since this is due to the individual characteristics of a particular girl and many other factors.

Basically, the breasts begin to grow from the moment a girl begins puberty. For some, this happens at 8-9 years old, for others – at 11-12. The growth and formation of the breast, again, ends with the period of puberty, which in some cases occurs at 17-18 years old, in others at 22-23 years old.

In addition to puberty, which is also characterized by the formation of a hormonal background, on which breast growth largely depends, heredity has a great influence. As a rule, if the mother, grandmothers and great-grandmothers of a particular girl had magnificent breasts, then she will also not be deprived of this dignity, and vice versa. Therefore, girls who are so worried about the question of how long breasts grow can ask their mothers and grandmothers when they started and when they finished breast formation.

However, it should be noted that women who have not given birth and whose breasts have not grown even before the age of 25 should not despair, because during pregnancy, again, there is a change in the hormonal background, due to which the breasts can grow and increase in volume. And since pregnancies happen at 20, and at 30, and even at 40, it is almost impossible to say exactly how long your breasts will finally form. In addition to all of the above, numerous factors such as nutrition, daily routine, ecology, lifestyle, habits, etc. have a great influence on the female body and can provoke both breast growth and its termination.

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