Apr 20, 2021
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How often do the fillings need to be changed?

Seals – frequently used material. Almost everyone faces them. But at the same time, people often believe that the seals were placed on them for good. In fact, due to the fact that there is a constant process in the mouth when chewing food, plus the fillings are not in a sterile environment, doctors can give advice on the timely replacement of the material. So when and how often should the fillings be changed?

Answers dentist, chief physician of the dental clinic Ilya Antonov:
It is worth remembering that no matter how modern and high-quality the filling is, it is made of composite, which is not a natural material, like, for example, your own tooth tissue. Accordingly, it is unlikely to stay in the tooth for life.

The fact that the material is placed in a tooth already affected by destruction also has an effect on the stability of the filling. As a rule, the tooth is destroyed in the zone where the maximum pressure is exerted on it, including chewing. The filling placed in the tooth under pressure, while chewing, itself begins to exert pressure on the thin previously drilled walls of the tooth.

The filling can deteriorate over time and due to the fact that the tooth presses on it with strong natural material enamel. It is much stronger than even the best, but plastic option. Accordingly, fillings should be replaced as they deteriorate and wear out. But only a doctor can determine this on the basis of an internal examination. The latter, as you know, should be held on a regular basis, at least once a year.

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