Jan 4, 2022
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How not to treat a cold

How not to treat a cold

However, some of these methods do not help the body fight colds at all, quite the opposite.

As soon as we feel unwell, we all start drinking hot milk, eating raspberry jam, wrapping ourselves in blankets and swallowing handfuls of ascorbic acid. However, some of these methods do not help the body fight colds at all, quite the opposite.

Miracle cures?

When many people catch a cold, the first thing they do is rush to drink instant powders, which, according to manufacturers, fight cold symptoms. Indeed, such miracle remedies do an excellent job with unpleasant manifestations of the disease: headache, fever, runny nose. However, their effect is short-lived. In addition, powders do not cure a cold at all, but only relieve its symptoms. Therefore, you should not get carried away with them. Such remedies are only good for emergencies.

The same can be said for cough suckers. Yes, when you use them for a while, you can feel relief. But the virus in the body will continue to thrive and multiply.

Vasoconstrictor drops, which many tend to drip into the nose as soon as possible at the first sign of a runny nose, also harm more than help. The fact is that with secretions our body gets rid of viruses. And by stopping this process with the help of drops, we, as they say, clog the disease inside. In addition, almost all vasoconstrictor drugs are highly addictive.

The temperature cannot be brought down!

Noticing a slight increase in body temperature, some immediately try to bring it down with the help of all kinds of medications. And yet this should not be done. You need to take pills only when your thermometer shows above 39. In other cases, an increase in temperature is only beneficial. So our body lets us know that it has detected a virus and has already begun to fight it. After all, viruses die precisely at high temperatures.

Healing sweat

Since childhood, all of us have been told that in case of a cold it is necessary to drink hot tea or milk, and, having pulled on a pair of woolen socks and a warm sweater, wrap ourselves in a blanket. That is, in order for the disease to recede, you need to sweat properly. This well-established opinion is, of course, not devoid of meaning. However, the well-known method is not entirely good. First, a scalding drink only irritates an already sore throat. Drinks should be warm, but not hot. Secondly, wool socks and a sweater are enemies of recovery. In order to lower your body temperature, it is better to wear light cotton pajamas. The body must give off heat, and not marinate it under the numerous layers of a wool cocoon.

By the way, contrary to popular belief, washing under a warm shower during an illness is not only possible, but even necessary. After all, with sweat, toxins come out onto the surface of the skin, and, of course, they just need to be washed off.

Honey and jam

Honey and raspberry jam, often bored in the closet, immediately find their use for colds. But in fact, these sweets can significantly worsen the patient’s condition. An excessive amount of sweets provokes a sharp release of insulin into the bloodstream, which leads to weakness and loss of strength. Agree that the body, already exhausted by a cold, does not need these manifestations at all.

Vitamin C

“At the first sign of a cold, you should immediately drink several ascorbins, and the cold will be removed as if by hand” – say experienced patients. And this is understandable: vitamin C is rightfully considered a fighter against all kinds of infections. However, in fact, such a reception of ascorbic acid is not only useless, but also dangerous. First, the body will never absorb a larger dose than it needs. And, secondly, abuse of ascorbic acid can lead to allergies and liver disorders. So during illness, vitamin C is best obtained from ordinary foods: sauerkraut or bell pepper

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