Nov 24, 2021
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How not to lose human shape when working remotely

How not to lose human shape when working remotely

How not to lose human shape when working remotely

Regular work from home can have a significant impact on a person’s health and mental well-being
The well-known platform for finding a job, Directly Apply, has used artificial intelligence to simulate a future remote worker if he continues to work from home for 25 years.
This collective and by no means attractive image is called Susan, and she has bloodshot eyes, dark circles under them, many wrinkles, poor posture, sparse hair, overly pale skin and overweight.

It is scary to imagine, but this is the future that might await many modern people if they do not take care of themselves.

– Her eyes are red from the long hours in front of the monitor. Her skin is pale from lack of sunlight, her hair is thin because she lacks vitamin D. Posture is terrible because she has been sitting at a desk for long hours due to a poorly set up workplace, and she is overweight because she is a lot and moves a little, – the authors of the project explain the metamorphoses that took place.

In order not to turn into Susan over the years, heed the advice of experts.

Manage your time and stick to your daily routine.

Organize virtual group meetings with co-workers more often.

Go out every day to get some fresh air and move around.

Try to separate your home workspace from your “living” space.

Use the time freed from traveling to and from the office to meet with friends and family, walk more, read books, do fitness.

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