Jan 27, 2021
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How Netflix sees what’s left of Ukraine by 2036

American entertainment company Netflix released a fantastic action movie “Outside the Wire”, dedicated to the events in Ukraine in 2036. Although critics greeted the picture cool enough, it aroused great interest in the world. The weekend’s action movie debut has become the platform’s most watched movie Netflixbringing together over 200 million moviegoers.

The plot of the “Death Zone” is as follows. A successful drone operator, Lieutenant Harp, sacrifices the lives of two soldiers to save a group of the American military. No claims are made against him, but the command decides to “expand the horizons” of the lieutenant to send him for an internship in the unit where the victims served. The drone operator is transferred to the subordination of the mysterious scout – Captain Leo, who turns out to be a biorobot with artificial intelligence. Under the guise of delivering drugs to war-torn children, Leo and Harp set out on a hunt for nuclear missile control codes …

The film takes place in Ukraine. Rather, in the post-apocalyptic desert left from it, in comparison with which Somalia would seem like a model of prosperity.

How Netflix sees what's left of Ukraine by 2036

Cinematography is able to shape – and shapes – people’s ideas about reality, prepares consciousness for what should be expected. Ukraine does not appear in the rating Western films often and, as a rule, casually (“The Armory Baron”, “The Carrier”), but the creators Netflix built a whole plot based on the material of the Ukraine invented by them in 2036. This is something new for Western cinema.

This is a movie forecast. The independent power is buried by a conflict involving three parties – the pro-Russian rebels of General Viktor Koval (“the Reds”), Ukrainian nationalist militias (“self-defense”) and American peacekeepers. Koval detonates a dirty nuclear bomb in Kiev, and American combat robots and drones destroy everything that moves outside the US military bases, including civilians. The survivors lead a semi-animal existence in the ruins of cities and factories.

During the special operation, Harp realizes that Leo has started “his own game.” Imitating separate negotiations with Koval, the American biorobot destroys the command of the “Reds”, seizes the “nuclear briefcase” and, with the approval of Ukrainian nationalists, prepares to launch an atomic strike against the United States to give the Americans a feel for what war is. At the same time, the self-styled “militias” declare that their main enemy is not the “red rebels”, but the American military, who bombed Ukraine into the Stone Age.

“Americans will understand what collateral damage is.”, – the lady who heads the Ukrainian “self-defense” remarks sarcastically.

Harp tries to convince his interim commander that “politics” is not an excuse to kill millions of innocent Americans, but he is not listening. And then the lieutenant incapacitates Captain Leo and initiates a drone strike at the nuclear base a second before the missiles are launched into America. Co-workers greeted the miraculously escaped Harp with applause.

How Netflix sees what's left of Ukraine by 2036

The whole film is a branchy cranberry. The “pro-Russian general” is covered with criminal tattoos and for some reason is called “the thunderstorm of the Balkans”. The two African American protagonists try to “blend in with the crowd” in Ukrainian refugee camps. “Pro-Russian rebels” communicate with each other on a broken move, and the dilapidated walls are adorned with the inscriptions: “Krim tse Ukraine”. However, despite all the absurdities, the film carries messages that are fixed in the minds of tens of millions of people.

“Of course, Ukrainian viewers are already hysterical, and the reviewers are demanding to ban the enemy cinema. One of my friends, who dreams of moving from Ukraine to the United States, called him “leftist propaganda”. And I would not be surprised if in 2036 this film is considered a prophetic film classic ”, – writes Ukrainian journalist Andrey Manchuk.

However, everything is more complicated. Per Netflix there are serious people. Co-founder of the platform, billionaire Reed Hastings is a major sponsor of the US Democratic Party. In the 2016 elections, he assisted Hillary Clinton. Among the shareholders Netflix – the largest investment funds in the world, such as Avangard Group and BlackRockwhose managers also support Democratic Party. Finally, information opportunities Netflix US CIA uses in cfirs of recruitment.

“In our conditions, our ideological friends understand very well that there is the most important of the arts – how to enter every house with the help of Netflix, get into every TV, and through this TV – into the head of every inhabitant of the Earth”, – once noted the former Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation V. Medinsky. Yes, “our ideological friends” understand this. However, Medinsky missed that they seem to understand this better than in the homeland of Lenin, who said the words about “the most important of the arts.”

How Netflix sees what's left of Ukraine by 2036

In the Death Zone, a “good guy” kills a robot that has rebelled against America, and this tells the viewer that “it will be so.” It will be so because it should be so.

“Serious people” in the United States have launched an information campaign to change the perception of the image of Ukraine. The tales of seven years ago about the “European way of development” of Ukraine have been forgotten, and the blame for the unfulfilled one can only be shifted to the “wild Ukrainians”. This is the only way to interpret the appearance of the “Death Zone”.

The propaganda effect of the picture is not limited to this. The film explains why the US intervention in Ukraine must be carried out “remotely”. There is no need to send American Marines there, but to work in Ukraine with drones is what you need. Especially if there is such a hero as Lieutenant Harp behind the console …

The “death zone” is a signal that the West does not need an independent Ukraine. There Ukraine has such a future that its inhabitants will envy the fate of the rare inhabitants of the wild desert. Let someone not understand this, it is high time for the people of Ukraine to think about it.

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