Apr 19, 2021
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How mudras help improve mood

How mudras help improve mood

The physical and emotional state directly affects our mood. It is hardly possible to truly enjoy life if the soul is restless, and the body is permeated with pain. It is not surprising that this connection in the East was noticed a very long time ago, and therefore many spiritual, physical and mental practices were created on its basis that can fill the heart with joy.

And today we will tell you how to cheer you up at home using sacred Buddhist mudras – special positions of the hands and fingers discovered by ancient yogis. It’s not very clear how, but it works!

It is believed that with the help of mudras, you can bring positive changes to your life by redirecting energy flows in your own body. The fact is that each finger is responsible for a certain energy: the index finger is wisdom and confidence, the middle finger is patience and self-control, the ring finger is vital energy and health, the little finger is the ability to be creative, the big finger is will, logic, ego.

However, mastering many mudras at a time will not work, regardless of the person’s abilities and perseverance. It is much more productive to focus on a couple of three practices that will help solve a specific problem. Therefore, we offer 5 of the most effective Buddhist mudras that will help you quickly cheer up at home.

“The staircase of the heavenly temple”

This mudra saves from nervous tension and depression. To perform it, you should place the brushes at the level of the solar plexus. In this case, the fingertips of the left hand should be placed between the fingertips of the right. Keep in mind that it is better for the fingers of the right hand to be down. At the same time, the little fingers are directed upwards.


Mudra that bestows a positive attitude. To perform it, you should place your palms at chest level. Connect the hands so that the bases of the palms are in contact, as well as the pads of the little fingers and thumbs. The result is just like a flower bud. Gently close the lotus bud by connecting the tips of all your fingers, then open it again. Repeat several times.

Mudra of the Earth

This practice improves the psycho-emotional state. Simply connect the ring fingers and thumbs on each hand separately. Moreover, the exercise should be performed on both hands at the same time. Keep unused fingers straight. This mudra is used to stop tantrums or in moments of intense stress.


The simplest way to block the drain of vitality. Experts advise using this practice when overworked. To perform, close your fingers in the lock. In this case, the thumbs should touch along the entire length. This arrangement of hands creates a vicious circle that will not allow energy to leave your body.

The Mudra of Life

Practice that has a positive effect on well-being, increases performance, allows you to drop unnecessary thoughts in order to start working productively. To do this, connect the pads of the little finger, thumb and ring fingers on each hand separately. In this case, the middle and index fingers should be straightened.

These and other mudras are capable of qualitatively changing a person’s life, and therefore one should definitely not be skeptical about them. Moreover, the practices of ancient yogis are easy to apply in practice. The main thing is to focus on the execution, relax and close your eyes – then the effect of the mudras will definitely be noticeable.

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