Nov 21, 2022
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How much will housing and communal services rise in price from the first of December?


The expert told how much more the Russians will pay.

Starting December 1, early indexation of tariffs for housing and communal services will take place in Russia. What specific lines in payments will change and what will be the final amount, said Associate Professor of the Department of Statistics of the PRUE. Plekhanova Olga Lebedinskaya.

According to the expert, prices for housing and communal services are usually controlled in Russia in several ways. Now we are talking about setting a maximum indexation of 9% for water, electricity, heating, gas and waste disposal.

There is no fee for the maintenance and repair of housing, for overhaul, for a radio point in this list and, accordingly, the establishment of marginal tariffs does not apply to them.“, – explained the assistant professor.

Lebedinskaya believes that the fee for the “communal” will grow no more than the current level of inflation. By the way, in early October, the Ministry of Economic Development gave a forecast of a general price increase in the country at the end of the year at 13.2%.

At the same time, the specialist notes that the regions have the right to raise prices to a higher level than early indexation suggests. True, this is possible only if new tariffs are agreed upon with the Federal Antimonopoly Service. And for this you need a reason. According to Lebedinskaya, the heads of regions and republics were given until the end of November to decide. In the subjects of the federation, prices always rise in different ways. Somewhere the growth is about 3%, and somewhere more than 6%. A specific figure is usually linked to the solvency of the population.

It is important that the benefits for paying utility bills have been preserved. Such payments can be received by single residents and families with an average per capita income below the subsistence level, if utility payments exceed the established share of their total income.“, – the Prime agency quoted the specialist as saying.

Earlier, experts calculated how much Russian residents pay for housing and communal services. It turned out that in each region the amounts differ. At the same time, the most expensive services were in Moscow, the average check is a little more than 10 thousand rubles. In second place were the Kamchatka and Magadan regions, where residents pay about 9 thousand for gas, electricity and water.

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