Jan 3, 2022
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How many chances does the F-35 have to bombard Russia with bombs?

In the photo: F-35 Lightning II fighters

In the photo: F-35 Lightning II fighters (Photo: ZumaTASS)

Russia is in a panic over the fifth generation F-35 Lightning II fighters that arrived in Europe from the United States against the backdrop of the situation with Ukraine, according to the American edition 19FortyFive.

“As tensions with Russia over Ukraine continue to heat up, the first American F-35 stealth fighters arrived in Europe,” the publication notes.

The publication reminds that 16 countries are currently operating or are going to purchase the F-35 Lightning II (USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Japan, Israel, Italy, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Singapore, Belgium, South Korea, Netherlands, Switzerland and Finland).

“By 2035, in Europe alone, there will be more than 500 F-35 aircraft, the vast majority of which are in the hands of NATO pilots, which will affect Russia,” the author is sure.

In December, the US Air Force permanently deployed its fifth generation F-35A fighters to Europe for the first time. The first four aircraft have arrived at Lakenheath AFB, RAF, and 24 fighters from the 495th Tactical Fighter Squadron of the United States Air Force Europe and Africa are expected to be deployed at the facility.

In the future, the 493rd Squadron will receive 24 more aircraft in the same place. Six more will be in reserve.

In fact, the British also have their own F-35s, why do they still need American ones? And to what other country in Europe can the United States send its planes?

Recently, The Drive reported that the American corporation Lockheed Martin received a mysterious order to work on a new modification of the fifth generation F-35 Lightning II fighter.

The publication suggests that countries that have recently decided to purchase it could want their own modification of the fighter. In particular, such a country may be Finland, which is interested in a special aircraft refueling system.

Israel and Singapore may also be interested in modifying the fighter. In addition, The Drive admits that we can talk about a new export version of the F-35 Lightning II with special safety requirements. This option, according to the publication, can be offered by the UAE, which does not want to curtail cooperation with China.

How to understand all these “perturbations”? Is this an attempt to advertise your cars? Or an attempt by the media to stir up panic around Ukraine by presenting the case in such a way that the West managed to scare Russia?

– In fact, under the word “panic” is hidden a cunning marketing ploy in order to advertise and sell as quickly as possible at a high price for these same bombers, – believes military political scientist, associate professor of the Department of Political Science and Sociology of the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics Alexander Perendzhiev

“At the same time, there is no panic either among the population, or among the country’s leadership, and even more so among the Russian military personnel.

“SP”: Which country could these planes arrive in? Why isn’t it called?

– It is not called, because there is no such country yet. In the recent past, the US tried to sniff its F-35s in Italy. However, official Rome spoke out against the deal imposed on it by official Washington by this expensive deal for Italy. After all, official Rome did not intend and is not going to bomb anyone.

Who is going to bomb someone? The USA is trying to impose on us the idea that the F-35 can be directed to Ukraine. But these strategic bombers can carry nuclear weapons on board.

“SP”: What does the situation with Ukraine have to do with it? What can these planes be used for? Are they preparing for air battles in the skies over Donbass or what?

– It is this thought that they want to throw at us. And they immediately predicted that after our such reflections and conclusions, panic would begin in Russia, in Belarus and in the Donbass.

“SP”: By 2035, there will be more than 500 F-35s in Europe alone, which will affect Russia. How dangerous are they?

– NATO has already conducted several exercises to bombard Russia with nuclear bombs using the same F-35. However, official Moscow did not succumb to any panic during and after these exercises. And it won’t give in. At this time, the Russian Ministry of Defense monitored NATO actions and after them worked out measures to suppress the actions of strategic bombers near our borders.

For example, measures have been taken and worked out with the help of electronic warfare means to “turn off” the F-35. By the way, NATO has long, since about 2017, noticed that the engines of their bombers, while flying over neutral waters in the Baltic and Black Seas, are starting to junk seriously.

And this happens almost all the time. It is precisely this circumstance that causes panic in the United States and NATO. And there is something to panic about. Indeed, one fine day, US bombers flying near our air-sea borders may fall like a stone to the seabed. Then there will be not just panic, but horror of a universal Western scale. But not with us, as you understood!

– The publication that made so much noise is a journalistic impromptu, – I’m sure military expert Konstantin Sivkov – An attempt to pass off wishful thinking, an act of intimidation and pressure on Russia, nothing more. Well, and a certain support for the Ukrainian authorities, it is not for nothing that the Ukrainian crisis is mentioned.

“SP”: – And yet: why do the Americans transfer their planes to the Europeans? Europe has its own …

“The Europeans have few planes of their own. The same British … Remember the recent incident with the F-35 on the aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth? There are only 18 of them, eight of them are actually British, and ten are American.

One way or another, the Americans will continue to build up NATO’s military power in Europe, viewing our steps as weakness. Each step we take is followed by an increase in their military activity. It is quite possible that today they will set the goal of putting pressure on us in order to abandon the demands we have put forward.

– These are all journalistic approaches, – he also has no doubts Director of the Center for Strategic Business Ivan Konovalov

– This is a frequently used method – the search for sensationalism where there is none. Moreover, all the numbers related to Ukraine have been worked out, and there are negotiations between Russia and the United States, NATO and the OSCE ahead, so the situation needs to be turned up.

In addition, they believe that Russia has raised questions about international security, since scared. In reality, the opposite is true, Russia felt the strength.

“SP”: “They are intimidating us with the number of F-35s in Europe. Is it really dangerous?

– This plane is known primarily for its shortcomings. And the fact that the United States is imposing it on allies, moreover, Donald Trump he did it extremely aggressively, literally twisting his arms.

He is not capable of creating air superiority, his only advantage is stealth, but it does not solve anything. Everything else: electronics, weapons, maneuverability – at a low level. What can they oppose to our “hypersound”? How can they answer the “Dagger” carried by our MiG-31?

As for the quantity, it has not played a significant role for a long time. Yes, if we take the numbers, then the joint potential of the US and European NATO allies exceeds ours by four times. But you can imagine what it is like to manage this clumsy colossus, while we have a single control center. What will take them months, it will take us days.

So quantitative calculations do not solve any military tasks, except for propaganda. But this is what they like to accuse us of – a hack.

“SP”: Noh, after all, the F-35 can carry nuclear weapons …

– We are talking about a new modification of the B-61 bomb, the peculiarity of which is that it can be carried by almost any US combat aircraft, even the old A-10 attack aircraft.

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