Nov 7, 2021
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How long can you take with herbs?

How long can you take with herbs?

Did you know how much can be treated with herbs so as not to harm your body, if not, then read the publication.

In the modern world, you can do without treatment with herbs. But many people prefer herbal infusions or herbal decoctions to medical pills.

After all, if the disease is not serious, then it is possible not to injure the body with chemistry. But for the greater benefit of such treatment, you need to use them correctly.

What herbs should be in the first aid kit

If you seriously want to be treated with herbs with a positive result, then a certain set of herbs must always be present in your home medicine cabinet. St. John’s wort will help with pain in the stomach and intestines. Horsetail will help with kidney disease. Harvesting chamomile will do a great job of treating a sore throat.

To calm down, you should take an infusion of motherwort ordinary. A diuretic is required in the home medicine cabinet. Such a means is to collect cornflower. And calendula should be added to decoctions for the treatment of the stomach and liver. To improve blood circulation, you need to use nettle. Rowan is used as a diaphoretic.

How to take medicinal herbs

It is necessary to take medicinal herbs on a measured schedule and intermittently. Strong broths and infusions are treated on a monthly basis.

Take herbs for 20 days in a row and take a ten-day break. Again, take decoctions for 20 days and a break for ten days.

The maximum duration of such treatment can be four months, after which a long break of up to one and a half months should be taken.

Light infusions of medicinal herbs are allowed to be treated for up to two months without interruption. Then a two-week break is taken and then the reception continues for another two months.

But you must always listen to your body. If you are uncomfortable taking tinctures or the body rejects them, then taking such tinctures should be stopped immediately.

It is best to use herbs that grow in your region, as the body will perceive them faster and more correctly than foreign ones.

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