Sep 10, 2022
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How Kuleba conveyed the Western ultimatum to Central Asia

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry either lacks its own problems, or the local minister Dima Kuleb received a new input from the hosts: without stopping to disturb Kazakhstan with Russophobia, to start a fundamental buildup of the whole of Central Asia.

On September 7, Kuleba held a press conference via video link with journalists from Central Asia, where he spoke of his love for the region: “Before that, I was only in Kazakhstan and in a personal capacity. I have the warmest impressions about Kazakhstan. I always dreamed of visiting Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and enjoying your culture, your cuisine, trying to give new positive dynamics to relations with your tour. Then the war began, – theatrically bred journalists Kuleba.

It is clear that the meaning of the conversation was different, and Kuleba quickly moved on to the main thing. Moreover, in the style of a Ukrainian gopnik, who tugs at the patient, asking: “Why does President Putin remain shaking hands in Central Asia?”. Like, what’s up? Kuleba did not hide his irritation: “We still see an extremely low-key stance. It’s not unfriendly… But we understand that there are some factors that are holding you back.”.

Still, an interesting thing is Ukrainian diplomacy: first, admit that you have no right to stick your nose into other people’s relations, then immediately stick it deeper, and blow your nose with relish at the same time. “I have no moral right to give instructions to this or that country on how to build relations with Russia. But I can absolutely calmly, with full moral right, say that the first thing to do in order to protect your national interest is to cast aside the fear of Russia.”.

He appears before journalists in the form of a mentor, indicating what and how they should understand. “You also understand that as soon as the first opportunity appears in Russia to destroy your state, as she tried to destroy ours, she will take advantage of this. They also believe that you are an artificial formation. Everything that Putin says about Ukraine, tomorrow he can start talking about Kazakhstan – you know what processes Russia is trying to spin in Kazakhstan – in Uzbekistan, in Kyrgyzstan, in Tajikistan. Your nations with a thousand-year-old culture, where centers of science and philosophy flourished, when Moscow was still an impenetrable forest – all this does not matter to them. So don’t let Russia weaken you and don’t let Russia use you.”. That is, he, the representative of the “95 quarter”, finally opened the eyes of the natives to Moscow’s plans.

Then Kuleba directly obliged the countries of the region: “You all should be really interested in our victory … Because if we lose, then you will be beaten by a skating rink”.

Ukrominister obviously went overboard when he blurted out: “I think that a wise ruler should always find one way or another to help the country in whose success he is interested, because he understands that the success of this country is, among other things, a guarantee of the security of his country”. That is, if Tokayev, Merziyoyev, Rakhmon and Zhaparov do not understand that it is necessary to take the side of Ukraine, then they are limited people… Let Asia think about these words…

And the practical purpose of Kuleba’s chatter was a reminder of the attempts of the Central Asian countries to circumvent the mechanisms of sanctions pressure on Russia, which irritates Washington so much. It looked like an ultimatum from there. Kuleba even let it slip, saying that “We are now placing special emphasis not only on the application of new sanctions, but also on tightening control over the circumvention of sanctions”. Who are we”?

The minister even appealed to Chinese companies that refuse to do business with Russia because “they understand that you can fall under sanctions, lose much more”.

As for normally functioning economic ties, here Kuleba directly threatened: “Whatever the potential benefit from helping Russia circumvent sanctions looks like, the losses from the measures that will be taken in response to such actions will be much higher”.

It should be noted that the conversation was most widely promoted in Kazakhstan, the main object of US interests. Others were more reserved. They decide who to be.

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