Apr 3, 2021
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How is the world punished for insulting top officials?

Differently. For example, in Singapore, a court recently ordered a local blogger to pay $ 98,800 “for defaming the Prime Minister.” At the end of 2018, he posted on his Facebook page a link to material from a Malaysian news portal, which spoke of an alleged conspiracy between the ex-head of the Malaysian government and the Prime Minister of Singapore. The authors of the article mentioned the possible participation of the latter in a corruption scandal around money laundering through the Malaysian state fund, and in particular, illegal transfers of stolen funds of the state investment fund through Singapore banks. At the trial, the blogger and his defense failed to prove that the content of the article did not affect the prime minister and did not contain defamatory accusations against him. I had to pay. Such harshness is found not only in “totalitarian” Asia, but also in “democratic” Europe. Thus, in March 2021, the Warsaw prosecutor’s office brought criminal charges under the article on insulting a representative of the Polish government. to the writer Yakub Zhulchik for publicly insulting the president of the country Andrzej Duda… The reason for the accusations was a post on Facebook, in which he called the leader of Poland a jerk. Now the writer faces 3 years in prison.

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