Apr 26, 2022
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How honey can affect our eyes

How honey can affect our eyes

Honey is a truly miraculous remedy that is used not only in medicine and cooking, but also in cosmetology. It perfectly copes with the problem of redness and dry eyes.

It is best to use linden honey to relieve fatigue and eye irritation. It helps to dilate blood vessels and almost never causes allergies.

Nevertheless, before proceeding with the procedures, check whether the honey will cause an allergic reaction. Apply some honey on your skin and wait 15 minutes. If there are no spots and irritations on the skin, you can safely perform the procedures. If redness appears on the skin, you can try another type of honey – buckwheat or flower.

It is very useful to drink some honey in the morning. This must be done on an empty stomach. Brushing your teeth or rinsing your mouth before taking honey is also not recommended, so as not to destroy the natural microflora of the oral cavity. Make it a habit to slowly eat a tablespoon of honey every morning.

You can perform this procedure before going to bed. Not only will you ensure a healthy, sound sleep, but you can also improve the condition of your eyes. Honey strengthens blood vessels and even improves eyesight. Honey is also useful for general healing and strengthening of the body.

The described procedure should be performed for two weeks, then they take a break for another two weeks and repeat the course.

To relieve pain and inflammation in the eyes, you can bury them with honey. Thanks to honey drops, a protective film is formed, which relieves eye fatigue and relaxes them. This recipe can be used by people who read a lot or work at a computer.

For instillation, you need to take liquid, fresh honey and mix it with unboiled spring water in a ratio of 1:10. You need to bury your eyes every morning for two weeks. This procedure is quite simple to perform, but it is very effective and keeps the effect throughout the day.

Honey baths have a good effect on vision and nourish the lens. In this case, honey will enter the body directly through the skin. Before taking a bath, the neck and shoulders should be well rubbed with honey until it ceases to be absorbed into the skin. Then take a bath with warm water for 10-15 minutes.

Honey is a completely safe product that can be fed through the nipple even to small children. Older children can perform all the procedures described above. This will help relieve eye strain from studying and playing computer games.

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