Dec 31, 2020
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How does the church view the COVID vaccine?

One of the important events of the outgoing 2020 was the creation of a vaccine against COVID-19, invented by Russian virologists, believes Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk… “This is a very important, and maybe even decisive, contribution of our country to the victory over the coronavirus,” he said. The fact that Russian scientists were the first in the world to create a vaccine against coronavirus indicates that Russia is sufficiently prepared for a pandemic, since the vaccine was created on the basis of an already available drug.

“We see from people who have already been vaccinated that the drug really has a protective effect and we have a real opportunity to defeat this terrible virus, which took a lot of lives in the past year,” Vladyka emphasized. – I would advise everyone who has such an opportunity to get vaccinated – both those who have already been ill, and especially those who have not yet got sick. I do not participate in any vaccination campaign, just at first I myself suffered this disease, and after a few months I got vaccinated and I recommend to others to get vaccinated. ”

Metropolitan Hilarion noted: “The virus came to us a little later than to other countries, therefore it reached us in a weakened form. But things could be much worse if we were not ready to face this virus, if our health care system was not ready and if vaccinations did not start now. Therefore, we have something to thank God for, and let’s hope that the next year will be more prosperous for our country in epidemic terms. “

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