Aug 5, 2020
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How does a deputy live on 4 kopecks a year?

Officials continue to publish income statements. Due to the pandemic, it was allowed to hand them over not in the spring, as usual, but in the summer.

Governor of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District Dmitry Artyukhov showed income for 2019 in the amount of 30.7 million rubles. - compared to 2018, it has decreased by more than half. The "impoverishment" was explained by the fact that a year earlier the head of the region received compensation for unused vacations. Tyumen Governor Alexander Moor earned 13.9 million rubles, which is 1.5 times more than a year earlier. Head of the Volgograd Region Andrey Bocharov reported 6.1 million rubles earned for the year, he also has an increase in comparison with 2018 - almost 900 thousand. Pskov head Mikhail Vedernikov received in 2019 only 2 million rubles.

But most of all surprisedDeputy of the Sverdlovsk Legislative Assembly Ilya Gaffner, who declared an annual income of ... 4 kopecks. In 2015, he became famous for his statement that citizens who do not have enough money should "eat less." It remains only to guess what the poor deputy himself eats and for what supports his three minor children.

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