Mar 6, 2021
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How do you know if your COVID vaccine worked?

In the opinion Dr. Amanda Cohn from the US National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, there are several signs that indicate the vaccine worked. First of all, it is pain at the injection site, fatigue, and fever with a temperature in the range of 37.1-38 degrees. In this way, the body forms an immune response to a protein that mimics the disease. Kohn points out that side effects usually last for several days and should not be a cause for concern.

“I don’t quite agree. We cannot unequivocally judge by the temperature reaction whether immunity has developed, – believes chief physician of the clinic “Leader-Medicine”, Ph.D. Evgeny Timakov. – An increase in temperature is one of the types of immune response. But this does not mean 100% that a person develops immunity to this particular infection, and does not give out a reaction to other components of the vaccine. I will also not say that weakness or pain at the injection site directly signals that immunity is being developed.

Still, the most reliable is a blood test for antibodies, which is done 3 weeks after vaccination. Moreover, the antibodies are not any, but IgG to the spike protein of the virus (S-protein). There are people who do not develop antibodies in response to infection. However, there are other links of the immune response – T-cell, B-cell, etc. Some of them may work better than the antibody response. It makes sense to take tests for cellular immunity when the antibodies are gone – after about six months.

Let me remind you that an analysis of the base of vaccinated patients will be carried out. Statistics will help to conclude: how much immunity is enough after vaccination. After that, there will be regulated terms in which the revaccination will be carried out. ”

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