Dec 30, 2020
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How do I wash my jeans so they retain their color after washing?

How to wash jeans so they retain their color after washing

This secret was told to me by my mother-in-law after I complained that jeans shed after washing. She offered me an almost free tool to preserve color not only on denim, but also on other things that lose their color when washed.

It will take

All that is needed for such a simple recipe is regular table salt.

What should be done?

1. I pour water into a basin, pour 200 grams of salt.

I pour water into a basin, pour 200 grams of salt

2. I put jeans in the solution at night or for 12 hours.

Soak your jeans

3. Then I wash it in a washing machine in a delicate mode.
4. It is better to choose gentle detergents for washing, for example, liquid for washing colored fabrics.
Another very important point. If you smooth wet jeans well with your hands after washing, then most likely you will not need to iron them. Oh, this is also important for color. When heated, the iron, if you notice, “eats” the color of things.

Jeans retained their color after washing

It is interesting! You can also use this method of soaking in salt for new jeans before the first wash.
There is an easier option – add salt directly to the compartment of the machine at the same time as the detergent before washing.

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