Jun 12, 2022
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How do cats treat people?

How do cats treat people?

Today, the cat is the most popular domesticated animal in the world. This may be due to the independence they enjoy, requiring only basic necessities such as food and shelter. Unlike dogs, which require constant love and attention from their owner, cats leave the impression that they are independent.

Besides all the obvious things we love about cats, did you know that these amazing animals have been proven to have healing powers?

All cats will help you remove accumulated negative energy from your body. While you sleep, they absorb it from your body.

Cat purr treats:

  • bone growth and healing
  • anesthesia
  • puffiness
  • wound treatment
  • muscle growth
  • tendon treatment
  • joint mobility
  • dyspnea

Many studies have shown that people with pets:

  1. need fewer doctor visits each year
  2. have less difficulty sleeping
  3. heart works much better

Cats can create vibrations while purring that range from 20-140 Hz frequencies. The purring of a cat has the ability to improve and heal bones and even heal them. There is an old saying about this: “If you take a cat into a room full of broken bones, the bones heal.” The powerful vibrations of the purr can help heal soft tissue injuries such as muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

It is good to have more than one cat in the household so that the load is shared between them. They also guard you at night so that no unwanted spirits can enter the room while you sleep. That’s why they love to sleep on your bed.

Older people who have cats live longer!

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