May 28, 2022
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How did you escape from the heat in the Soviet Union?

How did you escape from the heat in the Soviet Union?

The heat in the city is, of course, terrible. Heated concrete boxes, stuffiness, colds from the air conditioner, haze in the head … And with all this, you still have to go to work! Meanwhile, summer is flying past you, which was once the most beloved – even in the city, at least not in the city …

Then, in childhood, it was also very hot and temperature records were also set. But it didn’t bother any of us. Because summer is supposed to be such that we can enjoy special entertainment that is only possible in the heat.

Let’s remember what happened there.

1. Ice cream

Let’s go with trump cards! Soviet ice cream is a cult and a sect. Those who have never tried it will not understand. different molecular composition. It is made of hot streets, the clinking of kopecks in your pocket (only enough for milk or even cream?), a line from which you can clearly see how the lucky ones move away and bite their portion, a big and kind aunt in a white coat … And most importantly, from endless summer holidays. No, they don’t do that anymore.

The fact that ice cream relieves the heat is still a myth. However, the fact that it helps to enjoy summer at the moment when you hold the coveted glass is absolutely true.

2. Swimming in city waters

Some still do this, despite the warnings of sanitary and epidemiological stations, the warnings of rescuers and adult experience, which suggests what lies at the bottom of any city pond or river.

And in childhood, in our world, there was nothing like this! Gathered friends early in the morning and rode a cheerful gang on bikes or a bus to the river. And there are a lot of people from all over the city and the opportunity to jump from concrete embankments, twist somersaults, rage, splash, sit in the water until you are blue in the face! They returned home at dusk, that is, closer to midnight. Summer!

3. Sprinklers

It turns out that the smell of the earth, when the first drops of rain fall on it, has a special name – petrikor. Although no. This smell is called “Boys, sprinkler!”. Rainbows of splashes, a washed street, a wet T-shirt, the glitter of drops on a flower bed…

Photo #5 – How to save yourself from the heat in the USSR (nostalgic gallery)

Whoever did not get up on a hot day under the spray of a watering machine does not know the city summer!

4. Juice-water

Just sparkling water and syrup – apple, apple-grape, strange tomato (I wonder if anyone else drank it, except for hungover harsh men?).

A counter with soft drinks, or a vending machine with the famous common glasses, or an aunt in a white coat with a cart – this is a place of glory and power in those memorable summers! If you don’t have enough for ice cream, you can always drink juice or soda!

And if there is no change at all … It is enough to look carefully or wait near these watering holes – probably somewhere in the corner a coin rolled up, which some careless citizen dropped, but did not pick up.

5. Kvass

No, well, it’s completely separate! A rumor is spreading around the district: the barrel has been brought! Immediately, grandmothers and mothers send children or husbands with cans on a hike.

The barrel will not stand for a long time, otherwise the product will deteriorate. Here she is, in her usual place. The queue slowly moves, fanning itself with newspapers.

The eerie legends about what was found there, inside these important barrels, are a separate category of folklore. But, of course, no one believed in them.

They drank kvass with great pleasure right at the barrel of glasses and mugs, grunting with pleasure, and dragged it home in cans for okroshka.

6. Sunbathing on rooftops

It’s definitely more girly. However, covering half-naked girls on the roof, lying down, spreading a blanket on a hot roofing material, is also great fun!

Rooftops were accessed through uncovered fire hatches on the top floor. Even from the victorious salute, everyone knew in which entrance there was a free passage.

Well, then – height, wind, sun, girls and summer!

7. Squirts

Quite childish, but no less beautiful. Sprinklers, or “sikalki”, were made from shampoo bottles. The first charge was filled at home, and then they were filled from fire hydrants. In the summer yard, this is the best fun!

Pour the girls from head to toe so that they would squeal in wet sarafans, and then they would arrange a terrible revenge! As a result, everyone was already running wet and happy!

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