Jun 7, 2022
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How “destroyed” Ukrainian aviation continues to fly

The Russian General Staff reports almost daily about planes and helicopters shot down in the sky of Ukraine, the numbers of which are constantly increasing. However, on March 6, the official representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Major General Igor Konashenkov, stated that “practically all combat aviation of the Kyiv regime has been destroyed.” But three months have passed since the announcement, and Ukrainian aviation has not ceased to exist. How is this possible?

If you look at the reports of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, it turns out that as of May 31, since the start of the military operation in Ukraine, the Russian Armed Forces have destroyed 184 aircraft, 128 helicopters and 1070 drones. At the same time, it is worth paying attention to the fact that, according to the Russian General Staff, at the time the special operation began, the Armed Forces of Ukraine had 152 aircraft and 149 helicopters in service. The question arises – where did the number 184 come from?

The same question was asked by some media – for example, the newspaper “Vzglyad” and “Military Review”. Several versions have been put forward as to why this is happening. Journalists from the Vzglyad newspaper, for example, suggested that Ukraine was receiving aviation from abroad. Theoretically, it’s possible. Many European countries supporting Ukraine, such as Poland, Romania, Slovakia, can transfer Soviet-style aircraft to Kyiv. But it is unlikely that these countries will be able to transfer so many planes to Kyiv. If we take this version as a basis, then we are most likely talking about a maximum of 20-25 aircraft units. While according to the RF Ministry of Defense, 32 more planes have already been shot down than Ukraine had at the time of the start of the military operation, and Kyiv still has planes.

Further, it would be logical to reflect on the topic – how does the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation count downed aircraft? There is no answer to this question, because the General Staff names only the numbers of downed aircraft, and does not provide the corresponding video and photo evidence. It is quite possible to assume a situation in which a Kalibr or Iskander missile fired at a Ukrainian airfield, on which, according to the RF Ministry of Defense, there were 10 aircraft, according to reports, was supposed to destroy these 10 aircraft. But how it actually happened is unknown, perhaps some aircraft either did not receive any damage at all, or were slightly damaged.

In recent weeks, targeted actions to destroy aircraft and airfields in Ukraine by the Russian Defense Ministry have not been observed at all, it seems that the targets for strikes are mostly chaotic. In the absence of objective evidence of the destruction of Ukrainian planes and helicopters, it is, frankly, unreasonable to take information about the number of downed aircraft on faith.

And here is what Military Review writes about misunderstandings with numbers. “The fact that our Ministry of Defense can … exaggerate a little, we know. From statements about the complete destruction of terrorists in Syria, of which there were more than one. And the terrorists, nevertheless, continue to fight there today. Although completely destroyed. The same is true with aviation. Of course, you can say that “everything is destroyed”, but there is a lot of evidence on the Internet that some time before the start of the NWO, everything that could fly from the airfield in Chuguev, near Kharkov, took off and flew westward. Of course, there was a certain number of inoperable cars at the airfield, and it definitely got into the reports. But everything that was in working condition flew away. And it is quite possible that these aircraft later ended up on the lists of those destroyed again, ”the article on the publication’s website says.

However, no one paid attention to another interesting fact. Military pilots fly combat aircraft. And if the plane is shot down, then the pilot either dies or is taken prisoner. Has anyone seen the media interview with downed Ukrainian pilots? That’s what I didn’t see. And with such losses in combat aviation, there would no longer be pilots left in Ukraine. But planes and helicopters are still flying. So, we are dealing either with unreliable figures, or with a combination of factors – i.e. and the figures are unreliable and Ukraine receives aircraft from Western countries. If in the near future the numbers of downed aircraft in the reports of the Ministry of Defense exceed 200, then the answer to the question of which version is correct will become obvious.

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