Oct 24, 2021
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How color can affect your condition

How color can affect your condition

It is believed that by using certain colors, we can influence how others perceive us.

Did you know that the colors around you can affect your mood and health? Not only that, they even have a therapeutic effect. And there is also an opinion that by using certain colors, we can influence how others perceive us.


If you like this color, then you are probably very active and energetic. Red is a favorite for those who are not afraid of any problems and adventures. It raises blood pressure, stimulates the heart rate, and may even treat anemia. Minuses? Red is capable of increasing anger and rage. Who can you recommend this color to? Tired and apathetic people who want to make at least some progress. To whom is it contraindicated? Those who have high blood pressure or have the flu.


It will help release your emotions and relieve fatigue. Pink gently stimulates the body and relieves muscle tension. Who is it useful to? Those who are looking for love, attention and sympathy. If you are having difficulty making decisions, then pink is for you too. Contraindications? Emotionally immature people may find it too overwhelming.


This energetic color has a good effect on digestion, improves immunity and makes you more energetic and full of life. Orange will come to the rescue when you want to recover faster or keep warm. It is recommended for those who suffer from pain in the neck, joints and shoulders, and also have problems with the kidneys, lungs or spleen. Plus, when you’re suffering from depression and have low self-esteem, orange is perfect as it will give you extra motivation!


Lovers of yellow are usually satisfied with their lives. They are not afraid of changes and new experiences. They love recognition and have noticeable ambitions. Therefore, if you need more confidence and help in solving problem situations, choose yellow. It also improves memory, stimulates the nervous system, and helps logical thinking. Food allergies, diabetes, asthma, depression? Yellow can help you!


This color is somewhere between yellow and blue, and it is mainly associated with hope. Those who see it as their favorite color are more likely to advise others and offer their help. Anything in green tones can help you relax, calm down, and find a balance between mind and body. Are you experiencing chronic fatigue and stress? Do you suffer from insomnia or need moral support? Try to surround yourself with green!


Blue is one of the most popular colors. It is a favorite of people who dislike controversy and prefer a balanced and harmonious life. Blue is a powerful tool when you are stressed and need relaxation, peace and quiet. It is also known for its “cooling” properties, so it can help when you need to relieve pain. Don’t overdo it, though, as too much blue around it can be pretty frustrating.


Purple has a positive effect on the brain and nervous system. It is recommended for those who need detoxification and want to regulate their metabolism. If you are on a diet, then purple is just perfect for you, as it can even reduce your appetite. If you suffer from bladder and kidney problems or complain of migraines and insomnia, then choose this magical color! It inspires, relaxes, relieves pain and tension.


If you are struggling with stress, sadness and mood swings, then white is for you! It is a neutral color, but it is very effective and helps, for example, to improve the functioning of the intestines. White is also becoming more and more popular in home interiors. If you decide to paint your bedroom walls this color, it will surely affect your mood and provide you with peace of mind.


It seems to be such a depressing color. You may associate it with bad luck (the notorious black cat) or mourning. However, you can still use it, provided that you are not prone to depression or emotional instability. If you are a relatively calm, independent and wise person, but you need more assertiveness and external support, then choose black. However, it does not have to be basic, black details or accessories will suffice.

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