Nov 9, 2022
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How cold will winter 2022 be?


The weather forecaster told how winter will be this year.

In three weeks, calendar winter will begin in Russia. What it will be like this year in the most densely populated district of the country – in the Central, said the leading specialist of the Phobos weather center Evgeny Tishkovets.

This year, the change of seasons in our country takes place strictly according to the calendar. And winter, as it turned out, will not be an exception. According to the meteorologist, the cold will come almost immediately with the onset of December. And if earlier experts predicted a warmer than usual winter, now the forecast has changed.

I look at long-term forecasts and see that for Central Russia they are recalculated in the direction of tightening cold positions. If earlier we said that the temperature in December would be above the norm, now the forecast is inclined to the fact that it will be close to normal values ​​for this month“, – said the specialist of the weather center.

Tishkovets said that the norm in December for Moscow, for example, is 8.6 degrees of cold at night and 3.5 during the day. That is, the first month of winter is exactly what is expected. But further anomalies begin. The expert predicted that January and February will be warmer than usual.

In January, the average temperature will be one to two degrees above normal. The January norm for the capital region is minus 12.3 degrees at night and minus 6.3 degrees during the day”, — quotes the expert RIA Novosti.

In the last winter month, it looks like it will be quite warm. On average, the air will warm up two to three degrees higher than usual, that is, in accordance with the climatic norm.

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