Oct 17, 2021
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How can you replace a kitchen apron to make it beautiful and practical?

How can you replace a kitchen apron to make it beautiful and practical?

In this article, we are going to tell you about practical, alternative finishes instead of tiles.

It is hard to imagine a kitchen without multifunctional household appliances, convenient appliances that greatly facilitate and speed up the cooking process, without spacious drawers and other comfortable built-in elements.

In all kitchens there is a distance between the worktop and the wall cabinets. It is regularly exposed to dirt, which is why a practical apron is necessary.

It is designed to protect this section of the wall, which is near the stove and sink, from the effects of splashes of hot oil, steam and liquid.

Strained glass

This material does not always need to be combined with other materials: glass itself can be an excellent replacement for an ordinary tile backsplash.

The variety of colors, matte and glossy glass, and, of course, the ability to combine with many other materials make this apron an excellent and very elegant solution.

Slate covering

A great option for creative people, which will add functionality to the kitchen apron. You can write down the composition and method of preparing your favorite recipes, leave notes for your family, draw – the slate coating will give a lot of ideas for practical (and not only) use.


The industrial style and loft are becoming more and more popular, which made brick and its imitation one of the most common materials for decoration. A brick apron is an elegant, unusual solution.

Advice! In the place where there is a stove and a sink, it is recommended to use it together with tempered glass, otherwise you will have difficulties in putting things in order in the kitchen.


It may seem to you that this is not the best and most practical solution for this kitchen area. Nevertheless, if you use tempered glass, this finishing option will be very original and functional – and will give a lot of unusual design ideas.


A great replacement if you are not ready to change the usual tiles for other options. Mosaic is not such a common option for decorating a kitchen, and just as practical. Despite the fact that the cost of an apron will be more than a tile, the effect will surpass all expectations.


Today, manufacturers endow the beloved by many natural species of wood with a variety of properties. This material has excellent water resistance, insect deterioration and high temperature tolerance.

That is why plumbing and, of course, kitchen aprons are already made from wood. The material looks great along with everyone else, adds natural appeal to the kitchen interior, and fits perfectly into many styles.

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