Sep 13, 2021
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How "bottles of Navalny" ended up in Berlin: Smuggling was organized by Singers – Sosnovsky

Maria Pevchikh asked the doctor Jacobi, who accompanied Navalny, to take the bottles that she took from the blogger’s room on the plane, Sosnovsky said.

At the request of Maria Pevchikh, doctor Philip Jacobi, who accompanied Alexei Navalny to Berlin, took bottles with him on the plane, which she allegedly took from the blogger’s hotel room. Political scientist Alexander Sosnovsky shared new details of the history of the “Berlin patient”.

According to him, upon arrival in Berlin, Dr. Jacobi handed over the Singers’ backpack with bottles from the representatives who met the plane with Navalny at the airport. This happened without observing any formal procedures, such as signing the transmission protocol, Sosnovsky noted on the Solovyov Live YouTube channel.

Recall that earlier Dr. Jacobi shared other interesting information about Navalny. It turned out that psychoactive substances were identified in Navalny’s analyzes, but the Lancet magazine for some reason kept silent about this in its material.

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