Jul 6, 2020
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How Anglo-Saxons introduced eugenics in the Third Reich

On the attitude of the white Anglo-American elite to the racial issue

In a previous article I wrote about eugenics - selection of a person in order to improve his hereditary properties. Britain is considered the birthplace of eugenics. The British elite sees eugenics as a means of justifying the superiority of the Anglo-Saxon race and freeing society from the "inferior."

British eugenics passed the baton to the Americans. In 1904, the experimental evolution station was created in the USA. (Station of Experimental Evolution)that conducted research on "living material" in order to determine the signs of different races and the characteristics of the behavior of their representatives. The Station was funded by one of America’s richest people - Andrew Carnegiewho was a fan of ideas Thomas Malthus,

Already at the dawn of the twentieth century, the white elite of America was afraid that the country would become “black-and-white” due to the high birth rate among non-white people. In 1910, Madame E.G. Harriman (mother Averell Harriman; she was considered the richest woman in the United States) donated to the “Station” a large piece of land on Long Island and provided an enormous amount of 300 thousand dollars for the time to create a genetic data bank, which was called The Eugenics Archive,

John Coleman in the book "Committee 300" writes: “Mrs. E.G. Harriman wished that a worldwide campaign to sterilize “persons with physical or mental disabilities in order to make the race impeccable”, or in other words, create a “race of the Lord” ». Coleman notes that the idea of ​​creating a "race of masters" is attributed to Hitler, but this idea appeared in the New World much earlier, the Fuhrer only borrowed it.

“Station” (better known as Cold Spring Laboratory, Cshl) has gained a reputation as a world center for eugenic research. The main goal of the Station was to maintain the purity of the Anglo-Saxon race and to curb the growth of black and color. An immigration restriction league was created in America. Its vice president, concurrently director of the Museum of Natural History in New York Maddison Grant, a close friend of US President Theodore Roosevelt, expressed the attitude of the white elite to the racial question: “In modern Europe, the share of Scandinavian blood in a given nation is a good indicator of its military power and position in the civilized world. In New York and other cities in the United States, the aristocracy represented by Native Americans relies on immigrant populations, lower races ... It took us 50 years to understand that English, good clothes, and attending school and church are not able to do from a white Negro ... Americans will experience something similar with respect to Polish Jews, dwarf growth, a specific mentality and merciless self-interest which are embedded in the blood of all representatives of this people. The desire to preserve all children without exception leads to serious damage to the race ",

It is today in America that the word "Negro" is considered indecent, and the cops kneel in front of black and colored. More than a century ago, everything was different. For example, a catchy headline in a newspaper New York World dated September 4, 1915: “Mrs. E.G. Harriman confirms a gigantic breakthrough in eugenics, which within a few years will reduce the number of people with physical and mental disabilities by hundreds of thousands. It is hoped that Rockefeller and Carnegie will support the worldwide campaign to bring the race to perfection. ”. These money bags really supported the implementation of the recommendations of American eugenics.

And today, the Rockefeller and Carnegie Funds (along with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) provide financial support for vaccine development from COVID-19 and other viruses. Vaccines that are, rather, not treated, but killed. Let me remind you of a forgotten story more than a hundred years ago. Both in the USA and in other countries in the 1910s, pellagra disease with a high mortality rate occurred. The disease, as it turned out, was caused by a lack of niacin in the body. It could be overcome with a simple diet recommended by knowledgeable doctors, but an eugenic organization Cshl began to promote a diet that, on the contrary, exacerbated the disease. The recognition of the “error” occurred only after 20 years. For the period 1915-1935. due to improper recommendations, the disease claimed millions of lives. John Coleman, describing this story, believes that it was a targeted action by American experts from eugenics. Mostly “unwanted” —white poor and Negroes — died.

The results of research in the field of eugenics began to quickly translate into America. At the state level, laws have been enacted prohibiting marriage and having children for people with dementia, epilepsy, and mental disabilities. In 1924, a new round of legislative initiatives in this area began. Virginia passed a package of laws, including the Racial Clean Act, which prohibited marriages between whites and members of other races, as well as the Sterilization of Disabled Citizens Act.

International eugenics forums were regularly held in London and New York. In 1932, the Third International Conference on Eugenics was held at the Museum of Natural History in New York. The event was funded by the famous American industrialist H.R. Dupont. The conference was attended by Mary Averell Harriman and other representatives of the Anglo-American elite. Major decorated event Leonard Darwin, son Charles Darwinwho preached the principle "The strongest survives!".

In 1932, CSHL opened the door to its laboratories to German scientists. In 1935, CSHL together with German colleagues organized a conference on the problems of the world's population in Berlin. From the Germans, the main speaker was the Minister of the Interior Wilhelm Frick (he was instructed by Hitler to oversee research in the field of eugenics). From the Americans, the most memorable performance was a lady named Clarence J. Campbell. She stated: “The leader of the German nation, Adolf Hitler, with the help of the talented Dr. Frick, and also guided by the instructions of German anthropologists and philosopher-sociologists, managed to develop a comprehensive strategy for population growth and improvement of the population, which promises to be a unique event in the history of races. This strategy is a plan that other peoples and racial groups should follow if they do not want to lag behind the others in the quality of their race, its achievements and prospects for survival. ",

Britain, as the birthplace of eugenics, also contributed to its formation in Germany. In 1911, the First International Eugenic Congress was held in London, chaired by the son of Charles Darwin. The British actively suggested to the Germans that they were the race of the elect. Herbert Wells' Autobiography Experience is imbued with Hitler's admiration for the author and contains mental calls for the Nazis to destroy the colored races that threaten the white with their growing numbers. Wells will also come up with a description of the future, where “Crowds of black, brown and yellow peoples that do not meet the requirements of efficiency”must "give way": "Their fate is extinction and extinction." After all, ultimately “The world is not a charitable institution”, so that “The only reasonable and logical decision regarding the lower race is its destruction” (quoted from: Peretolchin D. World elites and the British Reich in World War II. - M.: Book World, 2017).

“Much of what Wells came up with and described was embodied in Nazi Germany,” he wrote in 1941. J. Orwell. Of particular note is such a figure in the field of eugenics as a German psychiatrist and geneticist Ernst Rudin (1874-1952). In 1932, he became president of the International Federation of Eugenics, and during the Second World War he was a leading specialist in the Third Reich on issues of racial hygiene and eugenics. After the war, he ended up in the United States, where he was detained for some time for crimes during the war, but in 1947 he was released and used by the Americans.

According to John Coleman, the German genetics of the Third Reich is primarily the fruit of the efforts of the American laboratory Cshl: “In the years immediately preceding World War II, the doors of Cold Spring Harbor laboratories remained open to Germany’s leading Nazi geneticists, who then returned to their country and sent their knowledge to promote Hitler’s medical experiment program designed to create the Lord’s Race "",

Before the war in Germany, the Racial Hygiene Act was passed, which closely resembled the Racial Cleanliness Acts of many states of America. By the way, according to the German Act on Racial Hygiene, at least 450 thousand people were subjected to sterilization in the Third Reich. All the achievements of German experts in the field of eugenics were used during the Second World War on a scale exceeding any imagination. Directly led Geringa implemented, for example, the T4 program. One of its results - the destruction of 400 thousand "defective" with a diagnosis of "insane." This topic is described in detail in many books. One of the last works: Peretolchin D. World elites and the British Reich in World War II. - M .: Book world, 2017.

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