May 14, 2021
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How and what will develop in Ukraine, the United States decides

The visit of US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken to Kiev turned out to be faded, but along with the comments on duty, insiders appeared that can be considered quite reliable.

It is reported: “Zelensky was voiced many complaints and said that no one would be ‘playing’, Blinken and the White House are not errand boys, and some have confused the place. In short, it sounded like this: it is the United States that decides how and what will develop in Ukraine. The president was explained that his “drawn” now 30% of support, if desired, in six months may turn out to be 3%, if he does not descend from heaven to earth “

And here’s a more detailed breakdown:

“one. Blinken demanded from Zelensky that all Ukrainian state corporations be reassigned to foreigners. So that all supervisory boards have a majority either directly from foreigners or from trusted people of foreigners. And he directly demanded that the American man Kobolev be reinstated in the leadership of Naftogaz. And Zelensky fought a lot to remove Kobolev.

2. Blinken demanded that the entire so-called anti-corruption vertical of power be left under the control of foreigners.

3. Blinken demanded that the judicial system of Ukraine be subordinated to foreigners.

4. Blinken demanded that Zelenskiy take up the fight against Ukrainian oligarchs, so that large chunks of the Ukrainian economy are transferred to foreigners. And the land during privatization too …

6. Blinken demanded that distinguished American agents be untouchable for the Ukrainian law and the Ukrainian authorities. They were named honored figures of civil society. Nuland drew up a list of untouchables, and Blinken met with them separately …

In general, Zelensky is shocked by Blinken’s visit. He was counting on something else. And taking property from oligarchs in order to transfer it to foreigners is also very dangerous – they can simply blow up ”.

At the same time, “a source in the president’s office said that the president’s office does not intend to follow all the instructions issued by the US Secretary of State regarding reforms in Ukraine. Bankova understands that the West wants to control the Ukrainian government through anti-corruption bodies and supervisory councils at state-owned companies. “

Indeed, who wants to finally become the “Queen of England” and lose the opportunity to regulate cash flows that still flow in the square. Zelensky’s entourage understands that the staffing “wishes” of overseas partners will certainly reach them. Zelensky will definitely be advised to replace them with “real reformers” from the Soros cage.

And what does a subordinate do, who has received a dressing down from his superiors and a large list of requirements, the fulfillment of a significant part of which he considers contrary to his interests? He begins with ostentatious zeal to fulfill those requirements that he considers beneficial for himself: they say, we will do what is interesting to us, and it will be reckoned to us.

Therefore, immediately after the departure of the American guest, Ukrainian law enforcement agencies developed their activity. Searches were carried out at the removed chairman of the Constitutional Court, Alexander Tupitsky: he interferes with plans to establish full control of Western structures over the Ukrainian judicial system.

And the main blow was dealt to Viktor Medvedchuk. He was charged with high treason, and the prosecutor’s office demanded that he be taken into custody with the possibility of a bail in the amount of … UAH 300 million 900.

Let’s leave aside the “procedural” side of the case, which is sewn on a living thread, has many inconsistencies and direct violations of the current legislation. This is a purely political order, a demonstrative reprisal, and legal “purity” does not bother anyone.

Everyone drew attention to the strange amount of the deposit: why another 900 hryvnia? And the little box just opens: the amount was set in Washington at $ 11 million, and this is the approximate amount of the deposit at the exchange rate. Until the instruction reached Kiev, the exchange rate changed slightly, but the Ukrainian subordinates did not dare to make a technical adjustment.

The court placed Viktor Medvedchuk under house arrest around the clock. The politician said that he was repeatedly hinted at the need to leave Ukraine. This is a continuation of the repressions against the leader of the Opposition Platform – For Life party, which began in February with a filing from overseas. Here, overseas and Zelensky’s interests completely coincided: for the Ukrainian president, OLE is a strong competitor in the elections. After all, Zelensky won the elections as a “candidate for peace”, people gave him their votes, pinning hopes on him for an end to the “sluggish” war in Donbass and a gradual normalization of relations with Russia. Now Zelensky is the second edition of Poroshenko, although for nationalists he will never become “his”.

According to my personal observations, the understanding that the war in Donbass must be ended is growing stronger and stronger among Ukrainian “patriots”. Such people also constitute the electoral potential of the OLE – the only real “party of the world” today among influential political forces. Therefore, the Americans fully support the actions aimed at crushing the PLWL and expelling its leader from the political life, but an even more weighty reason for their rejection of Medvedchuk is that he is not oriented towards Washington, maintains contacts with Moscow and is the only one (together with his party) who openly oppose the direct external control regime imposed on Ukraine.

The attack on Medvedchuk began almost immediately after the arrival of the new American administration, when Kiev was assigned specific tasks of external management, including the transfer of the most attractive assets to transnational (American) corporations.

The tragicomic nature of the situation is that Zelensky does not want complete external control over Ukraine; in this, Medvedchuk is his natural ally, and such an alliance does not have to be public. However, the Ukrainian president and his entourage chose the tactics of a clerk-scoundrel, or perhaps a capo, currying favor with the camp authorities, bargaining for extra rations and extra days of life at the expense of his comrades. Only the end is still the same.

I admit that the plan of the Americans is to use Zelensky’s hands to remove everyone who is trying to resist external control. Only after Medvedchuk will Zelensky’s turn come.

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