Dec 29, 2020
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How and what to clean the carpet in the car

With the appearance of slush on the street, the carpets in the car turn into a continuous layer of dirt. It eats in so much that dry vacuuming does nothing. They can be washed only with formulations that give foam, which tears off and raises dirt.

How and what to wash the carpet in the car

What you need:

  • powder stain remover;
  • dishwashing detergent;
  • alcohol;
  • glass cleaner;
  • brush;
  • washing vacuum cleaner.

The process of preparing the product and cleaning the rugs

A measuring spoon of stain remover is poured into an empty bottle.

powder stain remover

a measuring spoon of stain remover is poured

Then add 2-4 tbsp. detergent for dishes.

Then the dish detergent is added

It gives a good lather and also dissolves fat. Also poured 3 tbsp alcohol and 6 tbsp. means for washing glasses. All this is topped up with hot water to obtain a volume of about 2 liters.

glass cleaning products

A hole is made in the cap of the bottle with the agent, then through it the composition is gradually poured onto the dirty rugs. Immediately you need to walk on them with a stiff brush, the harder and longer, the better.

Carpet cleaning process in the car

We wash the carpet in the car

If the rugs are very dirty, then after the formation of foam, you need to let them stand for a couple of hours, not allowing them to dry. Then you should go through the brush again and collect the dirty water with the foam with a washing vacuum cleaner. To make all the dirt go away, you can add a little water, flushing out the heavy sediment so that it is sucked in by the hose.

collect dirty water with foam with a washing vacuum cleaner

After washing, the car doors should be left open so the rugs dry faster.

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