Dec 28, 2020
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How and what to clean spark plugs in minutes

How and what to clean spark plugs in minutes

It is possible and necessary to clean spark plugs from carbon deposits. Of course, some do not bother and buy new kits. But what if the candles are really expensive and non-standard. You can easily clean them yourself in 15-20 minutes and save a considerable amount.
And the question sometimes does not even arise in the economy, since new candles quite often turn out to be of poor quality. And the used ones, as it were, are already proven and tested.

Very dirty spark plugs

The quick cleaning process will be shown on these heavily soiled candles with a range of 30 thousand kilometers.

It will take

  • Anti-fat for the kitchen.


Yes, everything you need. I think almost every housewife in the kitchen has this tool. If not, it shouldn’t be difficult to buy one at any hardware store.

How to quickly clean spark plugs without effort

And so, let’s start cleaning candles from one-year-old carbon deposits. Pre-wash them under running water.

We wash the candles with water

Next, fill them with anti-fat. The drain grid is convenient to use as a holder.

Pour anti-grease into candles

After 15-20 minutes, drain the anti-fat from them. Just look at how much dirt is washed away.

Dirt from candles on the washbasin

Then we rinse them again under running water.

Compare cleaned candles with dirty ones

The result is quickly cleaned spark plugs. A conciliator, a fast, inexpensive way, and most importantly, no effort is needed. And the savings, you know, turned out to be quite solid in the end.

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