Jan 6, 2022
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How and how much to cook beets

How and how much to cook beets

No one doubts the usefulness of beets, and therefore you need to try to eat it as often as possible. Better every day. Beets are eaten boiled in salads and other dishes. But, there is a question, how long can you cook beets?

Beets can be boiled in 2 hours or 8-10 minutes. It all depends on what you use: stove, multicooker or microwave.

It is necessary to start cooking only after the root crop has been washed, its tops have been removed and the tail has been slightly shortened. It is better to choose a medium-sized vegetable with a thin dark red skin.

Do not peel the beets before cooking.

Cook beets on the stove

Method 1. Classic

Cooking time: 2 hours.

Place the beets in a saucepan and cover with cold water. The water should completely cover the vegetables. You do not need to salt the water. Sodium will harden the beets and slow down the already slow cooking process.

Place a pot of beets over medium heat. When the water comes to a boil, reduce the heat, cover the pan with a lid and let it sit for a couple of hours.

To keep the beets their bright red color, you can add lemon juice to the water: ½ teaspoon per liter.

Readiness can be checked with a fork. If the beets pierce easily, you can drain the water and cool.

Method 2. Express cooking

Cooking time: 45-60 minutes.

To speed up the process, some housewives put the beets in already boiling water and do not reduce the heat to a minimum. And to make the water temperature even higher, add 2-3 tablespoons of vegetable oil.

When the beets have boiled for about 30–35 minutes, they are removed from the heat and sent under a stream of cold water for another 15–25 minutes. The temperature difference brings the vegetable to readiness and cools it at the same time.

How to cook beets in a slow cooker

Method 1. In the “Steam cooking”

Cooking time: about 40 minutes depending on the multicooker model.

Wash the beets and place on a steaming rack. Pour a glass of water into the bottom of the multicooker bowl. Close the appliance, set the steamer mode, and you can go about your business for 40 minutes.

Please note that for this method to work, the beets must not be dry. If the root vegetable is withering, it is better to soak it in cold water for several hours first. When the beets have absorbed moisture again, they can be boiled. But it is better on the stove or in the following way.

Method 2. In the “Extinguishing” or “Cooking” mode

Cooking time: 60–80 minutes depending on the multicooker model.

Everything is the same as in the classical method, only you don’t need to regulate the fire. Just put the washed beets in the multicooker bowl, fill with water and turn on the “Stew” or “Cooking” mode (sometimes called “Soup”) for 60 minutes.

After an hour, check the readiness of the beets with a fork. If it’s still a bit harsh, turn on the same mode for another 20-30 minutes.

Method 3. In the “Baking” mode

Cooking time: 60 minutes depending on the multicooker model.

This method is good for young vegetables when they are tender and juicy. The beets need to be washed, dried with a paper towel and wrapped in foil greased with vegetable oil (each root vegetable separately).

Then put it in the multicooker bowl and cook in the “Bake” mode for about an hour.

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