Apr 20, 2021
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How an old scarf can come in handy

How an old scarf can come in handy

When you freeze at 3 degrees below zero, like me, it is quite difficult to survive the harsh winter cold. You have to wrap yourself up in everything that is at hand. Most of all, the back freezes, a delicate place, so to speak. This gives the same discomfort. Rather, it delivered, because now I know how to warm myself.

To keep warm, we need a cozy winter vest. Of course, you could easily get it in the store, but we do not like the obvious ways. Like Olga Papsuyeva, she is a lively pensioner who never ceases to inspire us. So this time we took an example from her and decided to make a vest on our own.

Do you think you need special skills or a lot of time for this? No, you guessed wrong. All you need is an old knitted scarf, two buttons and a minute and a half of time. You can’t imagine simpler needlework.

So, first, pick the right scarf. It should be long and warm. It is desirable to have a beautiful color and knit, so that you will be pleased to look at it. Then pick up the buttons to match, the threads will not be superfluous either. You can get to work.

You need to sew buttons on the ends of the scarf. In the video below you can see exactly how Olga Papsuyeva posted them. In general, there is not much difference. Now fold the scarf in half. Then throw it over yourself, throwing the ends behind your back. Leave as much in front as you need. In general, the scarf should be long enough for the ends to come together in front.

The back ends of the scarf should be cross to cross. So it will hold on better, and the heat will linger for a long time. After that, pull the ends of the scarf forward.

Here you have the buttons already sewn on. This, in fact, took one and a half minutes. They need to be fastened to the top of our vest. There is no need to make loops, this is a knitted scarf, just thread the buttons under the threads.

In principle, the vest is ready. Now all that remains is to dress up in front of the mirror – and you can go out into the light. The knitted scarf is not too bulky, so this vest can be worn under a coat or under a winter jacket. You can go to work in it so as not to freeze in a cool office, and also wear it at home. With her, no winter frosts are terrible!

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