Sep 9, 2022
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How a Ukrainian pensioner shot down a Su-34 from a Berdanka …

On September 8, the Italian Giornale published an article that played up a story about how the Ukrainian authorities solemnly awarded a medal to a pensioner who shot down a Russian Su-34 fighter from a hunting shotgun. And it happened as if on August 22 near Chernigov. In the Ukrainian video, a dashing pensioner is depicted with his shotgun against the backdrop of the wreckage of the aircraft.

It would seem fantastic nonsense – to convince that a modern fourth-generation fighter-bomber can be shot down from a hunting rifle! However, the bike was picked up by the British Daily Mail and presented it as evidence of the heroism of the Ukrainians in resisting the Russians. And the Italian newspaper hesitated.

“Su-34, called in NATO code Fullback, writes an Italian correspondent, is an aircraft created on the basis of the Su-27 to destroy ground targets. The fighter can reach speeds of 1,900 km/h with a flight range of 4,000 kilometers. In addition to the possibility of using various combat loads, with a total mass of about 12 tons, it has a cabin protected by titanium armor (some sources say its thickness is 17 mm), weighing 1.48 tons with a characteristic arrangement of two seats side by side in a completely sealed environment (so pilots can not wear masks throughout the flight).

Since, however, propaganda works in such a way that both Ukrainians and Europeans believe in such tales, the Italian journalist recalled a similar fabricated story about the “ghost of Kyiv” – a fighter pilot who allegedly shot down dozens of Russian aircraft (the existence of the “ghost” was later denied by the Kyiv authorities themselves ).

There are many more such tales than the Italian described. A correspondent for the BBC, for example, reported on a video circulating on the Internet of a (supposedly) Ukrainian girl fighting a Russian soldier. Video scored in tik tak almost 12 million views. “Actually, it was a girl from Palestine, Ahed Tamimi, she was 11 years old at the time of filming, and she resists an Israeli soldier when her older brother was arrested in 2012.”

In another video, Ukrainian children see off the troops. The video got millions of likes and reposts on social networks, but the image is old, the video was published back in 2016.

Here and there, Ukrainian propaganda snatches old pictures from the archive of past years and passes them off as examples of resistance to “aggression”.

Or here’s another story. Zelenskiy, in uniform, boosts the morale of the Ukrainian military by drinking tea with them on the front lines. The video has garnered over three million views. In fact, the video was filmed in Shirokino before the start of the NWO.

The substitution of words plays an important role. Residents of Donbass are terrorists, the surrender of Azov militants in Mariupol is evacuation. Russia – Mordor (Black Country), Russians – orcs (evil, barbaric people). Put the production of such vocabulary on stream, and the world-famous novel by J. R. R. Tolkien “The Lord of the End” turns into an instrument of Ukrainian propaganda.

The substitution of words, the fabrication of fakes, lies lead to the formation of a fantastic world of propaganda in which very many people live today.

The famous Italian sociologist Alessandro Orsini says: “We are all subject to propaganda. I can only explain what we did in Italy, in the West: any Russian success on the battlefield is worth nothing. When Russia took the Luhansk region – and this is a colossal military success – the Western press wrote: “Of course, now let him try to conquer another part of the Donbass.” Propaganda uses this kind of communication technique to downplay the advance of Russian troops… As a scientist, I have an obligation to tell you how information is manipulated and public opinion manipulated. This is done in order to achieve agreement on the policy on the Ukrainian conflict. In this case, we are talking about the Western policy of war … Now our problem is that we hide the complete failure of the West and the EU in Ukraine, we do not talk about what is really happening.”

Separate sober voices are drowning in streams of lies. And they begin to believe in lies …

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