Sep 17, 2021
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How a teenager was disassembled into organs

Someone drove him to suicide, and then he was dismantled for organs, and about this joyfully trumpeted … the teenager’s adoptive mother. According to the REN-TV channel, 17-year-old Iskan (Iskander) Texier tried to commit suicide, but he was saved. On September 5, he fell into a coma, and for several days his life was artificially supported, but then it was decided to disconnect him from the life support apparatus and disassemble him for organs.

Iskan’s adoptive parents tried to refute their consent to disconnect him from the apparatus, but it is hard to believe in this, because doctors are obliged to take into account the will of his relatives.

Who drove the teenager to suicide is not known exactly. Although, judging by the surprising reaction of the adoptive parent, one can assume anything … Any normal mother, even an adoptive one, would be in inconsolable grief and would certainly fight for the life of a teenager to the end. And she certainly would not have time for posts on social networks. And even if she wrote something, she would only talk about her grief and, perhaps, would ask people to pray for the peace of the soul of the unfortunate child (in such a situation, even atheists often ask for this).

However, Helene Texier, who identified herself as his mother, instead suddenly began to promote posthumous donation, talking about happiness (!) About the fact that the son went “for spare parts” for the sake of public benefit (and it is well known that for the sale of so many organs you can get very large sums of money) …

“If we gave him our love and helped him build himself, then for 14 years he also participated in who we have become. We are very grateful. I’ll end with this amazing piece of news that has done us a lot of good this morning … and hopefully will benefit you as well. Thanks to Iskahn, many teenagers his age were saved this morning … thanks to his heart, liver, kidneys, lungs, etc. Most of the transplants were performed this night and this morning. Now we will allow ourselves to be happy, all together. And thank him over and over again. Because as soon as he left, he already works miracles. “

Its propaganda for pediatric transplantation has spread across the Internet, affecting thousands of people, including those associated with child adoption. The fact is that Helene Tesquier long ago created and headed the public organization “Everything for Kungur” (Pour Kungur) and helped to take out of the orphanage in the city of Kungur, Perm region, about one hundred and fifty Russian children, whose fate would be very necessary to check in the light of this case. This, however, happened even before the adoption of the law by Dima Yakovlev, when the export of children from Russia was prohibited. It is known that a lot of money revolves around such cases, when adoptive parents pay tens of thousands of dollars for each child, but Helene Tasquieu, who was engaged in this, was considered a philanthropist, and was even awarded state awards of the Russian Federation. At the same time, she spent quite a lot of money on only constant flights to Perm, which is not easy to find for a modest choreographer. And she spent a lot of time on all this, which could not but go to the detriment of her main job. Of course, in theory, she could do all this out of pure altruism, make losses for herself, and collect money from wealthy sponsors. But in this case, she must be a selfless idealist, in love with Russia, stand up for traditional values, stand up for the institution of the family, etc. However, it does not follow from her social media pages that she is a devout Catholic, or a tough secular humanist supporting the conservative Marine Le Pen party or anything like that. No, she constantly writes about dances, festivals, her meetings with VIPs, about travel. In general, there is a lack of thought and a desire to enjoy life, as well as a demonstrative display of how she cares about the children of Kungur. And now her message appeared there that she was happy that her son went to the organs that she listed …

What is happening seems to be a kind of social experiment, when Overton’s windows are twisted in front of us, transferring a guy to suicide and his subsequent dismantling into organs into the category of the norm.

Well, how can we understand it differently? The adoptive mother, slightly crying, boasted that she had given him her love and helped him “build himself” (only it is not clear why he wanted to leave this life from this great love?). Then she described in vivid detail that his heart, liver, kidneys and lungs were given to others, and said that she was happy about it. And in order to finally convince the public of the “normality” of what happened, Helene Tesquier said that during her lifetime she discussed with him the topic of posthumous donation, and he allegedly considered the transplantation of his organs a normal phenomenon. Of course, no one will be able to check this fact. Although from his page on the social network facebook it is clear that the topic of death and disassembly of corpses in his foster family could have been raised. For example, Iskander was fond of the “zombie-Lego” constructor: he collected and disassembled toy corpses from the children’s constructor … On his page there are several videos with battles of the living dead assembled from Lego. Nowadays there are many such toys in Russia, but normal parents will not allow their child to play such strange games.

And a grief-stricken person, as a rule, is silent, avoiding publicity, unless he asks for forgiveness. But instead, Helene Tesquier announced that she was going to come to Russia soon “to mourn the death of her son along with all Russian friends.” That is, she is going to continue to spin around the Kungur orphanage, despite the tragedy that presented her in an unsightly form.

In general, the atmosphere in which this child adopted in Russia grew up requires special research. However, it is already clear from the statements of his adoptive mother that she is at least a callous and inadequate person, even if what is happening is not a conscious social experiment and / or not something worse.

Hélène Tesquier not only did not assume that she had overlooked Iskander’s upbringing, but even said that he could decide to commit suicide because of psychological fatigue, since “he was emotionally devoted to his family and gave a lot to her”. That is, according to her, the foster family was so wonderful that he gave everything to her and was psychologically tired …

Therefore, it is a matter of concern that in the hands of the Teschieu spouses there is still Iskander’s sister, Nadezhda, which they renamed Nadine. What state it is in now is unknown. Apparently
she is really heartbroken, and therefore, unlike her adoptive mother, on her facebook page, there are no comments about her brother’s death.

The Russian embassy in France needs to conduct its own investigation of this tragedy and to deal with the situation of the sister of the deceased. And in this regard, I am glad that Dima Yakovlev’s law has been adopted, prohibiting foreigners from directly adopting Russian children. However, the problem of the so-called surrogate motherhood remained unresolved, when Russian mothers are used by foreigners as a kind of incubator.

Renowned journalist Anna Shafran recently spoke on her Telegram channel about a petition launched in support of a bill banning the sale of “surrogate” children to foreigners. According to Shafran, 20 thousand children are sold annually in Russia, and this must be stopped.

And such data is confirmed by the data of European politicians. So, according to the ex-Minister of Internal Affairs of Italy Roberto Maroni, from 1974 to 2008. in Italy alone, 9,802 minors have disappeared without a trace, 8,080 of whom are foreigners. Every week in Italy, according to Maroni, eight young children disappear. According to the newspaper La Stampa, from the Italian island of Lampedusa in the Mediterranean Sea, where reception centers for illegal immigrants are located, more than 400 out of 1,320 children disappeared in 2009. The then Minister Maroni said that a significant part of these children go to organs. However, this happened illegally, and the case with the Teschier family stands out from the ordinary precisely because everything happens legally and in public, and there seem to be no guilty ones …

As you can see, the fate of such children can be tragic, and it is almost impossible to follow it.

It is long overdue to ban this nightmare. As State Duma Deputy Speaker Pyotr Tolstoy said, a bill banning the sale of such children to foreigners will be submitted and adopted during the spring session of parliament.

I think every citizen of Russia should support such a step.

Igor Druz

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