Oct 17, 2020
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Housekeeper who robbed actress Olga Tumaykina was detained

17:09, 16.10.

The cleaning lady is under recognizance not to leave.

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Yesterday it became known that Olga Tumaykina, the star of the "Women's League" sketch, was robbed by a housekeeper. The Ukrainian-born theater actress Vakhtangova hired in 2019 to work in her home. After that, earrings, rings, perfumes and expensive gifts began to disappear from housing. In October 2020, the housekeeper announced that she was leaving home, after which she stopped answering calls. After that, Tumaykina decided to write a statement about the disappearance of the jewelry to the police. The actress estimated the amount of damage at 780 thousand rubles.

Law enforcement officers detained a housekeeper suspected of theft. REN TV reports. It is noted that the woman was detained, she was charged, at the moment she is under recognizance not to leave.

Olga Tumaykina with her daughter

Recall that the actress has never been officially married. The actress alone brings up two daughters - wormwood and Marusya... Olga Tumaykina became a guest of one of the episodes of the program "The Fate of a Man" and told her presenter Boris Korchevnikov about her difficult relationship with her first common-law husband - a classmate Andrey... According to Olga, she fell in love with him at first sight when she entered the drama school. Soon they began to live together, and then the couple had a daughter, Pauline.

The career of the aspiring actress was going well, but her common-law husband had nothing to brag about: he was expelled. Tumaykina had to support her family alone. Envious of his wife's success, Andrei began to beat her regularly. Olga tried to complain about her common-law husband to her family and relatives, but they did not want to protect her. Soon Tumaykina managed to buy an apartment, where she moved with Polina.

Olga Tumaykina with her daughters

Wanting to hurt his wife, Andrei stole the girl. For a whole year, the actress saw her daughter only from afar. And then she decided to take a desperate step: she pretended that she didn't care. The actress's plan was a success: realizing that Olga was not suffering, Andrei returned her daughter. Soon Tumaykina became a mother for the second time: Marusya was born. The actress does not reveal the identity of her father, as the man is not interested in their life. Olga admitted that everything in her life is good, she has a large friendly family and many interesting roles.

We add that in an exclusive interview with VokrugTV, the actress said that she considers herself a strong woman, and also shared that her daughters are very creative. Tumaykina said that sooner or later Marusya will find herself behind the scenes, since she is a leader by nature, and the eldest daughter was carried away by felting felt and making jewelry with her own hands. Olga shares that she brings up children by personal example. “Girls see how we live, how we communicate and, based on this, build their relationships with their peers. These are the usual laws of politeness: say "thank you", "please", say hello, call a person by name, do not address him in the third person, and so on, "Olga shared.

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