May 7, 2021
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House cleaning and pushing: 5 simple techniques

Home cleaning and pushing: 5 simple techniques

Order and cleanliness in the house is portrayed as the foundation of success and good location. The experts talked about several useful principles and rules of correct cleaning and routine.

Previously, experts introduced you to the chakra cleansing mantra. If you live in a house with negative energy, after such practices, the chakras will again briskly shut, and the biofield will again weaken. Actually, therefore, it is much more majestic to start cleaning the space in which we live.

Since ancient times, salt has been revered as a very powerful substance that counteracts impenetrable forces and negativity. It is in every home, so you can do salt cleaning right now.

To do this, you simply need to add a pinch of salt to a bucket or bowl of water. Then it is necessary to stir the water and utter an artless conspiracy: “Avert disaster, avert disaster. Support to survive the problems and bad weather. ” After that, start washing from the corner farthest from the entrance to the house. Already after the first such cleaning, you will feel as if the energy of the house has changed. This is a great and simple mini-ritual to cleanse your home and soul.

House cleaning does not have to be clean-up in a straightforward sense. You can light incense sticks or use special scented oil lamps. You can choose any method, at your discretion.

More importantly, citrus aromas clean the house. Lemon, grapefruit, orange, tangerine – all this drives out stagnant heavy energy, replacing it with light and creative. Together with the house, in the process of inhaling such a smell, the energy of every person who lives in him is purified. Citrus aromas are the largest, but also healthy aromas of mint, sage, pine, spruce.

Show all windows and doors wide open at least once a week, and ideally, this should be done every day. It is more important to do this in the morning and before bed. Airing is a simple ritual, not just a fleshly necessity. Fresh air cleans the house of accumulated carbon dioxide. In such a room, it becomes easier to work, think and just be nicer.

Before absolute ventilation, it is worth doing at least a light cleaning. Opening all windows and doors is necessary for the universe for 5 minutes. After the first time, you will feel as if the house is filled with cleanliness, positiveness, and with it it has become more airy for you to live.

You can sprinkle every corner and gobble up the door with holy water. This will drive out everything that is awful from the house and attract the most kind-hearted. If you feel tired, sleepy, or have nightmares, this cleansing method will be very effective.

Cleansing with a divine candle will also be healthy. Light a candle and carry it through each room reciting “Our Father”. This is how you get rid of resentment and sadness.

Do cleaning according to the rules of feng shui more often, because this is the perfect way to cleanse the house of negative energy. Get rid of old rubbish, garbage. Together with the rubbish, doubts, tremors, negativity will go away, and pressing will cleanse of all that is superfluous. In a clean house, you will have an impeccable mind and a lot of fortune.

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