Nov 17, 2021
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Hotel checks: why are they so important when on a business trip?

Hotel checks: why are they so important when on a business trip?

Many people ignore the registration of hotel checks. Why is it wrong? Why are such documents important?

A business trip is an event that requires appropriate preparation. It consists not only in collecting things, clearly planning cases, the implementation of which will help in solving work issues, but also in drawing up checks. Payment documents are needed in order to confirm the expenses that you had to face on a business trip, for further compensation in the accounting department.

If a business trip specialist needs hotel checks in St. Petersburg, this is a city where any officially operating hotel can help with their registration. Many, however, ignore their design. Why is it wrong? Why are such documents important?

The need for checks

  1. What happens if there is no document? Before a working trip, the bosses must sign the relevant order, the accounting department must issue an advance payment, give instructions on how to draw up the documents necessary to confirm spending. Each organization has its own internal procedures, so the exact list of documents may differ, but checks will be mandatory in it. Accommodation is the most expensive item. If you do not confirm the expenses with checks, then the employing company has the right not to compensate for them, you will have to part with a significant part of the salary;
  2. Does the accounting department have the right to refuse to accept a hotel check? It’s not just important to show a check. It is necessary that the document 100% meets the current legislative requirements, the principles of execution, otherwise the accounting staff will recognize it as invalid. The most important requirement is to submit the document through the online checkout. It is not difficult to check this fact, you need to make sure that there is a QR code on the check, install a special scanner program on your smartphone and analyze the code. If the utility fixes it without any problems, displays the necessary information on the screen, then the registration went according to the rules. QR-code is the most important confirmation of the fact of the legality of the hotel’s operation. When she issues a check using the online cash register, the information is automatically transferred to the OFD;
  3. Does every hotel have the right to issue a check? If the organization is one of the legal payers of the PSN and UTII, does not use the CCP, it cannot issue a check. It is better to choose a hotel in advance, pay attention to the fact that it can really check. If the check-in is chaotic, at night, there is a decent risk that you will have to pay all expenses related to accommodation on your own;
  4. Why do accounting staff need papers confirming the expenses associated with accommodation? If an organization is state-owned, financed from the budget, then the answer is obvious – the accounting department is always subject to checks by authorized bodies, whose task is to find facts of misappropriation of money. If the company is private, then the checking authority is the tax office. If the check shows that the documents are not drawn up correctly, the company may face serious fines.
Hotel checks

Check in the absence of real residence: is it acceptable?

Yes, some hotels offer to issue a check even to those who actually did not live with them. The main requirement in this case is the preparation of checks by the operating hotel, in compliance with the registration rules listed above. An ordinary fake paper will be easily calculated.

Responsible companies draw up a check in such a way that the information is recorded even in the official archive. This is necessary so that the regulatory authorities do not have any questions even during complex inspections.

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