Apr 27, 2021
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Hot week by day in 2021: what to do before Easter

Hot week by day in 2021: what to do before Easter

The hot week is the most dignified period of Lent, its culmination. Check out its features, traditions and rules to celebrate Easter in 2021 faithfully.

Lent is coming to an end. There is only one week left until Easter. Earlier we talked about five things that must be done before the greatest holiday.

The events of the Hot Week are portrayed as the most tragic and difficult in the life of Christ. Actually, we are preparing the entire post for these events. We are preparing to experience them with the Lord.

The reason for Hot Week is to remind you of the importance of the sacrifice of Christ and to feel what came out at that time. It is about the betrayal of Judas, about the crucifixion and all wallow, which the Messiah had to throw out.

It all starts with Great monday… In 2021, it falls on April 26. On this day, we were greeted with shallow repairs and general cleaning. Also, on this day, you should devote some time to reading the Gospel.

Great tuesday… On this day, the parables of Caesar, the resurrection of the dead, the Hell’s judgment, the second coming and the ten virgins are remembered. Housework continues, but it shouldn’t be as global as it was on Monday.

Great entourage… On this day, Judas decided to betray Christ. Also on Wednesday the anointing of Christ is remembered. On April 28, it is better not to do business. It is necessary to go to confession and communion in the temple.

Maundy Thursday also referred to as Immaculate… On this day, the clergy also advise you to commune, if you have not done so earlier. On Thursday there was the Secret Supper, at which Christ finished washing the feet of his disciples. On this day, it is harmless to take a bath in the morning. Also, by tradition, people wash floors, windows, mirrors.

Good friday – a day of trouble and sorrow. Christ was captured and crucified that day. Try to do as good as possible on Good Friday and pray as best you can. On this day, eggs are painted and cakes are cooked.

Great SaturdayMay 1 is the final day of Lent in 2021. On this day, those who did not have time to do this on Friday paint eggs and bake cakes. On Saturday they visit the sanctuary and bless cakes and eggs. It is strictly forbidden to clean up and do household chores. On this day, one must pray and prepare for the greatest holiday of the year – Easter.

If you are not able to visit the church for the blessing of cakes, you can ask a home person to do this, or you can bless them yourself. Experts have already talked about how to do it.

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