Sep 17, 2020
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Horses’ antibodies will be used to make a cure for coronavirus – Izvestia

Researchers from Costa Rica have proposed creating medicines for COVID-19 based on therapeutic antibodies from horses, the Izvestia newspaper writes.

Scientists believe that such drugs will be ten times cheaper than drugs based on human antibodies that are currently being developed.

It is reported that the fervor experiment was carried out at a pharmaceutical plant. Six horses received four courses of coronavirus protein vaccinations. The antibodies were isolated and purified to produce a therapeutic solution for human trials. Now the enterprise has prepared one thousand vials of purified antibodies.

Russian scientist Albert Rizvanov explained that historically antibodies were obtained from animals. He noted that this technology is fast and cheap. At the same time, Rizvanov said that in a number of people, foreign antibodies can cause allergic reactions or immune responses.

It is noted that researchers from Costa Rica claim that the use of equine antibodies is safe. According to them, the technology of application and purification of equine immunoglobulins has been known for a long time and is used to produce antidotes for snake, scorpion and spider bites.

Earlier it was reported that the Russian drug surfactant-BL, created from the lungs of cattle, was effective in the treatment of COVID-19.

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