Sep 5, 2022
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Horse Shampoo for Humans: Can I wash my hair with horse shampoo?

Horse Shampoo for Humans: Can I wash my hair with horse shampoo?

Many women wonder: can horse shampoo be used by humans? Will it harm the hair and the body as a whole? Experts assure that there is nothing harmful to humans in such shampoos. Women who have tried it respond only positively and say that their hair becomes thicker and shinier.

How horse shampoo affects women’s hair

It is known that horses do not tolerate fragrances, synthetic preservatives and dyes, so cosmetics for these four-legged animals contain a minimum amount of any chemicals.

In order to figure out whether horse shampoo is harmful to humans and how it affects hair, let’s look at its composition.

– sodium laureth sulfate – is part of all shampoos, including for people, creates abundant foam;
– sodium chloride – in other words, it is table salt, it is used in shampoo as a thickener;
– glyceryl – softens the scalp and restores lipid metabolism, is also used in many cosmetics;
– glycol distearate – a cleansing agent that makes the shampoo impervious to light.
– glycerin – used to dissolve other components of the shampoo;
– collagen hydrolyzate – added to shampoo to replenish protein, restores nails and hair from the inside.

All of the above ingredients are also used in cosmetics for humans, and therefore are harmless. Natural lemongrass and tea tree oils are sometimes added to horse shampoos to help get rid of fungal infections and insects living in the mane.

Hairdressers claim that after applying shampoo for horses, the hair becomes silkier and stronger, their damaged structure is restored, split ends noticed earlier are smoothed out.

On the shelves of stores today, the choice of shampoos for horses is extremely rich and varied, so there is an opportunity to choose the one that is right for you. For those who decide to experiment for the first time, it is better to choose a shampoo for foals, as it is the most gentle and soft, suitable for thin and damaged hair.

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