Feb 21, 2021
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Horoscope Vasilisa Volodina for the week from 22 to 28 February 2021

Horoscope Vasilisa Volodina for the week from 22 to 28 February 2021

Each of us has a hunt for luck to be near, and problems bypassed us in Palestine. Vasilisa Volodina, a popular TV presenter and astropsychologist, in her forecasts gives majestic advice on how to overcome difficulties.

This week will be a time of great and positive change. Unusually, it touches Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Due to the large changes in the position of some planets, it is harmless to follow five simple tips on how to manage your energy. This will help keep things under control.

For Aries, the most dignified change will be the transition of Venus to the constellation Pisces on February 25th. This event will mark a very dignified and auspicious stage in love. Lonely Aries will be able to find a soul mate. A dating horoscope will show that relationships can develop. All those who will already be in a relationship are waiting for a tremendous, suitable change. Work should fade into the background, but joint shopping will help strengthen the connection with loved ones.

In total, there are seven reasons why luck can bypass us in Palestine. Taurus should analyze themselves and their lives for such reasons. It is believed that any introspection will be very healthy at such convenient times. Any attempt to improve ourselves will be successful. You can fearlessly start newly-made devalas, deny harmful mods and replace them with positive ones. You can go in for sports, look for a new job, meet new people, move on a long journey. This is the perfect shopping stage.

Gemini is entering a stage in which it is possible and even necessary to make unequal changes in life. A change in the environment of the five will affect the energy, as if meeting new people, rearranging furniture is smooth. These are great times for socializing with family and friends, as well as for teamwork and general cleaning. In work, you need to avoid laziness and procrastination, be patient. This will be a productive period of time for anyone looking to boost their income. It is impossible to give up, because success is already intimate.

Cancers should devote a week to improving their home energy – you can clean up, buy something new, get rid of the trash, have powerful feng shui talismans for your home. It will be easier to work within your home walls, make grand decisions, and be creative. In general, this week can be called universal, because it is equally well suited for work, as well as for relaxation or romantic adventures. Cancers are now in a very advantageous position, because they can choose their own further path of development themselves.

Lviv is expecting tremendous financial receipts, solving complex problems. The only thing that they should be more thrifty in is communication with others. Toxic personalities and energy vampires can activate, so it is more important to use special amulets to protect against such people. At work and at home, it’s more important not to take on everything at once. Now it is necessary to solve all problems and tasks gradually, step by step. Determination, courage and honesty will help Leo in love. This affects both single people and those who will be in a relationship.

Virgos should remember that a potentially lucky person is behaving. Do not deviate from this behavior and from previously adopted plans. Small trifles will appear, unsettling, but Virgos will check them airily. Now you should not ignore requests for help from others. Self-love will not lead to good. It took weeks – the most important time for forced purchases. The end of the week is perfect for meeting friends, having fun, finding the other half, communicating with relatives.

Libra begins with one of the most favorable times for love. Venus will help them and give them great luck. Five simple love amulets will help to attract even more luck. Libra will be in the spotlight. This means that they can find a soul mate or enjoy endless flirting. At the end of the week, you can start repairing houses and carry out general cleaning. If there are torn out expenses that hit your wallet, you don’t need to worry: this is for the best.

Scorpio is a responsible and reliable Zodiac Sign. This week, the tight-fitting people will be able to see this positive trait in Scorpios. This promises the representatives of this Sign tremendous suitable changes in work and business. At the end of the week, a nice visit or meeting awaits them – they can accidentally meet an old wingman, which will give them good news. Scorpios can focus on gaining new knowledge, plunge headlong into creative work or go on a long journey. The choice is theirs.

Sagittarius this week needs to remember that happiness loves silence. It is impossible to tell anyone about your plans, achievements and goals. This is fraught with problems. You should not shift responsibility for your actions to others. In the love sphere, Sagittarius expects serenity and measuredness. One should be wary of people with overly conservative views. They can hinder the development of Sagittarius in work and business. Between 22 and 28 February, you shouldn’t change plans at the last second.

Capricorns begin a very suitable stage in the love sphere, unusually on February 25th, when Venus becomes very deep. The lonely representatives of this Sign will be able to find a soul mate. You just need to check compatibility, so as not to accidentally choose a person with whom it will be impossible to build a serious relationship. This week is a very promising time for financial activity and work. Life will turn into a new bed, so Capricorns need to show restraint and look both ways.

In the relationship of Aquarius, not quite cute changes can be expected. For example, the feeling of jealousy may sharpen in the other half. Effective conspiracies will help correct the pose. This is the perfect week for learning new things, including learning languages. It is traditionally revered that Aquarians can find a way out of any situation, but now intuition will be weakened, so you should not be overly arrogant. Lonely Aquarius should not rush things – it is more important until they simply throw the bait.

At the beginning of the week, Pisces will be able to open blocked chakras, increase energy. In many ways, Mercury will come to their aid, and then Venus. This is a very dignified week in which large and favorable changes can be expected. For the most brisk implementation of plans, it is worth following the rules of the “three Cs”: restraint, power, cooperation. You do not need to react sharply to provocations, avoid teamwork and show weakness. There comes a time when the goal justifies the weapon. You should not spare your efforts to achieve the result.

In such majestic periods, experts advise remembering the seven main laws of the universe. They will guide you on the right path in life. Vasilisa Volodina wishes you a successful winter and a lot of happiness.

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