Sep 14, 2020
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Horoscope of Pavel Globa for the week from September 14 to September 20, 2020

Horoscope of Pavel Globa for the week from September 14 to September 20, 2020

Pavel Globa will talk about how to achieve success in any area of ​​life for each sign of the Zodiac. Try to follow the advice of the astrologer. In order not to break the wood and stay on the wave of luck.

The middle of September is expected to be quite auspicious, but do not relax, because the stars and planets can present unpleasant surprises for some Signs. It is important to keep every area of ​​life under your own control and follow the advice of Pavel Globa, which the Woman`s day portal shared with us.

Aries needs to stop solving other people's problems, and there are five good reasons for that. This is especially true at the end of the week. It is better to spend the weekend the way Aries themselves wants, and not how someone else wants. You will need to take a proper break from work and from communicating with people. The astrologer recommends thinking about a short trip alone.

If the weekend is difficult, then Monday and Tuesday will be as favorable as possible. These two days are perfect for solving your most difficult problems at home and at work. If you manage to get everything done these days, the rest of the week will also be very favorable. All in all, these seven can turn out to be bright and interesting.

The most difficult days of the week for Taurus will be September 19 and 20. On weekends, it may seem that the forces have left the body. On weekends and on weekdays, difficult life situations can appear, and three effective ways will help you find a way out of them. In general, the week will be quite successful for all Taurus who know how to think outside the box.

These people are expected to be lucky in love and in the workplace if they can take full advantage of their creativity. This is an important period in which you can promote new ideas, meet new people. The opposite sex will be struck by the invention and eccentricity of Taurus, and the bosses will be delighted with unusual ideas.

Gemini should remember about the law of attraction of thoughts. He can both make life better and ruin everything if he allows himself to think only about the bad. Gemini are born optimists, so it will be quite easy to tune in to the right wave, especially on the days of power - September 14, 18 and 19.

In the middle of the week, some troubles are possible in relations with loved ones and the second half. On the 17th, there will be an unfavorable day at all, on which it is better to avoid noisy companies and communication with strangers. Household chores will help to abstract from financial and work problems. Cleaning is a great way to relax and clear your thoughts of negativity.

This will be a very productive week for Cancers, so they need to get rid of laziness and apathy. Now is the best time to sign contracts, conclude deals, expensive acquisitions. It is especially worth highlighting September 16 and 17 - the two most favorable days of the week. Sunday will also be energetically pleasant, but it is better to devote it to love.

In general, the crayfish will be very lucky in amorous affairs during the week. New acquaintances are possible, some of which will become fateful, especially for lonely representatives of the Sign. Everyone who is already in a relationship will be able to come to an agreement, to harmony. The astrologer advises to admit your mistakes before the other half harbors resentment.

From the first days and the first minutes of this week, Leo will feel positive, good luck and inspiration. The greatest and most enjoyable will be success in love. This applies not only to those Lions who are in search of a relationship. Also, success will turn to those who are already in a relationship or even married. This is the perfect time to do business and work together.

In financial matters, not everything is so rosy. It is worth fighting with negative attitudes that prevent you from achieving what you want. You need to say to yourself less “I cannot”, “this is impossible”. Anything is possible, especially now that the stars are helping to quickly reach the state of flow. Leos have many problems to solve at work and in business.

Virgos are vindictive or at least vindictive Zodiac signs. There is no room for bad memories, hate, revenge and anger this week. The astrologer recommends avoiding communication with those who annoy Virgo and with those who throw them out of balance. If this cannot be done, then you just need to be patient.

The most favorable day of the week is Sunday. Virgo is expecting an eventful day on which you can safely go shopping, make important decisions in the love sphere. During the week, it is better not to lose focus and caution, especially on the 16th. These seven days are the time when you cannot make rash decisions. In important matters, you cannot let everything go by itself.

Old love problems that have not been resolved in time in the past may surface this week. You can feel it towards the end of the week. In general, in amorous affairs, these seven days will not be the most pleasant. But in work matters and the financial sphere, Libra will smile with great luck, especially in the first couple of days, when the stars are in a good mood.

Pavel Globa advises to deal with urgent current tasks and not start anything new yet. There can be a lot of things to do, so you need to quickly relieve stress and increase energy. Special physical exercises will help Libra in this. It is difficult to call this week simple, however, Libra will have every chance of becoming happier and more successful.

Scorpios at the very beginning of the week can expect some household problems. They may have spiritual reasons, so do not forget about inner, mental development. This week we need to think more about the sublime, about the eternal. Perhaps Scorpios will be able to gain faith in themselves, in something more. The time has come for great spiritual and personal changes.

Changes can await these people in the love sphere. Lonely Scorpios will find their love or a person who seems to them an excellent candidate for possession of their heart. For everyone who is already in a relationship, the stars will help in transferring them to a new level. This will be a good time for family gatherings, meetings with relatives and friends.

The stars will be on the side of Sagittarius this week. Despite this, one can expect an aggravation of quarrels and problems in communicating with enemies and ill-wishers, especially on September 16. An indestructible amulet against the evil eye, problems and envious people will help Sagittarius stay afloat and prevent destructive scandals and troubles.

In general, the stars will be on the side of Sagittarius, especially on the 14th, 15th and on weekends. Pavel Globa advises to devote more time to work. There is every chance to significantly increase income, as well as to make progress in solving important problems. Family troubles are also possible during the week. It is necessary to extinguish disagreements as soon as possible in order to prevent quarrels.

This is a very stable and favorable time. Stars with planets are in complete harmony, so you can use daily rituals for good luck and success. They will not only help you achieve much greater success, but will also help smooth out the rough edges on an unfavorable day - Friday. You just need to remember that now nothing is impossible.

In the love sphere, Capricorns will need a change of scenery. You can go on trips with your other half. Business trips and trips will help lonely Capricorns meet new people, among whom may be the love of a lifetime. This is an ideal period for teamwork, mutual assistance at work and in business.

This is not the easiest week. Already on its first day, you may have a feeling that everything is going awry, and in all areas of life. If all of a sudden things don't go as planned, here are three helpful tips on how to get out of this situation. The first couple of days will be the most dangerous - the stars and planets at this time will be in complete disharmony.

From Wednesday on, the night lights will become more creative. Despite this, even at the end of the working week, Aquarius will have to defend their opinion and meet powerful opposition en route, a lot of criticism. Pavel Globa advises Aquarius to fight recklessness. You only need to make informed decisions.

Pisces can have family troubles, so they should use the best home amulets. Stars and planets are not in the best condition, so outbursts of jealousy are possible in love. Also, the love sphere can bring many experiences to Pisces. If a quarrel suddenly begins, it is better not to stand your ground, be careful and be extremely courteous.

In the work sphere, things will go pretty well. Not requiring teamwork. Anything that has to be done alone can be successful. Everyone who, at the call of duty, communicates a lot with people and is a link in a large chain, should be very careful. Businessmen, freelancers, and creative people can expect great success.

Pay attention to six simple truths in life that will make you stronger. This week you need to educate yourself and not be afraid to learn something new, change your view of familiar things. Pavel Globa wishes you success at work and at home.

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