Dec 28, 2020
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Horoscope of Pavel Globa for the week from December 28 to January 3, 2021

Horoscope of Pavel Globa for the week from December 28 to January 3, 2021

Pavel Globa, more important than anyone else, knows the recipe for success for each of the Zodiac Signs for the coming week, in which we have to celebrate the New Year. Try to follow the recommendations of the astrologer so that everything goes well.

New times are beginning, which means a restructuring of the energy sector. Stars and planets will also change their position, so that it will be entertaining times, in which you will not be bored. The Woman`s day portal shared the expert’s information on how to maintain serenity and be in front, without losing positions either in love or in business.

The most suitable days of the week for Aries are Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. This means that the new year will arise for them on a positive note, which is very dignified. At the end of 2020, it is harmless to do a general cleaning according to the rules of feng shui. Get rid of old things. In order for the relationship with the second half and loved ones to be suitable, it is worth working less. The astrologer advises to help them more, to be near and to provide psychological support. The final days of December can be difficult for work. On the 30th and 31st, it is more important not to argue with the authorities.

Taurus should be kind-hearted and considerate to everyone around them. New Year’s greetings will make great sense – you need to call old friends, distant relatives, congratulate colleagues. The most important way to relax on New Year’s holidays is to go on a trip, or to change the environment in another way. You should not sit at home in front of the computer or in front of the TV. You need to diversify your life. It is harmless to pay attention to intuition. Five effective exercises will help strengthen it. Advice from others is more important to bypass Palestine.

Before the new year, new problems may fall on Gemini. Only the availability of confidence and willpower will help to solve them. You need to stay in good shape and monitor your health, dress for the weather. Pavel Globa advises not to start new devals at work. It is harmless to shift them to January. After the holidays, the head will be impeccable and ready to solve any problems. If January 1 and 2 must pass very successfully, then the 3 numbers of the stars and planets will go into a strong dissonance. On the first Sunday of the year, it is more important not to conflict, not scold with loved ones.

The most dangerous day of the week for Cancers is the Full Moon on December 30, but even on this day they will be able to control their destiny with the help of the power of reason and subconsciousness. Self-confidence will bring 90% of success in various fields. However, the astrologer advises not to look for a new job. Also, Pavel Globa advises that you can take a closer look at the words and desires of the other half. At the end of December, disagreements in love are possible. They can lead to quarrels, so it is more important not to provoke a home person into negativity.

The most suitable days of the week are December 28 and 29. The easiest support for the stars will be on January 2. At the beginning of the week, it is healthy to follow the five lofty principles of visualization. Leos will be able to make all their plans come true. You just need a drop of faith in yourself. Despite the fact that many dreams can pass directly before the New Year, now it is more important for Leo not to be too active. The astrologer also notes that it is more important for everyone who is still lonely not to start new relationships. We must be content with what we have.

The year will end for Devav on a very optimistic note. These will be very good times for increased activity at work. There is a high likelihood that the authorities will be able to appreciate the attempts of Devav to show their loyalty. In amorous affairs, the representatives of this Sign expect countless positives, fortune. The end of December and the beginning of January are great times for romance, meetings, the alphabet of new relationships. The most important thing now is not to solve other people’s problems. There are five good reasons for this in the universe. You need to focus on completing your devalas.

The Libra will have tremendous success in any field. Special practices and rituals will help increase your chances of luck. Many representatives of this Sign will not even need them, because the stars and planets will stand in a very comfortable position. The most important thing is not to forget about balance. You don’t need to be lazy, but you shouldn’t overload yourself with things either. It is more important to refuse processing. For relationships and marriage, it will be more important to go in search of adventure in total – to go somewhere, or to choose some extraordinary vacation in January.

Scorpios have a frenzied and very productive week in the love sphere. Everyone who is currently searching for the other half will be able to find success. You should beware of envious people and people who give unsolicited advice. In amorous affairs, it is more important to rely on everything in your opinion and personal experience. If nothing pleases before the New Year, then five simple ways will help to awaken interest in life for Scorpios. The astrologer notes that this week it is more important for the people of this Sign to postpone travel to other cities and countries, unusually on Saturday, the most dangerous day.

Sagittarians should start their week by trying to strengthen a spiritual bond with those they love. There are six ways to help them. It will be very dignified for a successful meeting of the newly minted 2021. The astrologer advises that it is possible to think a little more about work problems on the evening of the 31st and at the beginning of January. You need to focus on the holiday, on a good location. What exactly to do during the holidays is the choice of the Sagittarius themselves. You can go to another city, country, or you can collect the houses of all relatives and have a lot of fun.

The very end of the week promises great success for Capricorns. On Saturday and Sunday night sparkles will be as positive and harmonious as possible. In general, during the week you should be more thrifty with statements about the other half. Quarrels in the family are possible, unusual at the beginning of the week, when everyone is in a hurry and everyone strives to finish their majestic deeds. Every word should be pondered so as not to offend someone close to you inadvertently. Anyone who is in search of love should use the rituals and talismans that will help to overcome loneliness. The astrologer also advises not to overwork at work.

This week is as if you can devote more time to yourself. Everyone who is already in a relationship should not interfere with the happiness of loved ones and disturb their peace with negative emotions. Pavel Globa strongly advises lonely Aquarius to devote time to work and quiet rest during the New Year holidays. The chances of success in amorous affairs will be minimal, but if you still manage to find a suitable person, before starting a relationship with him it is worth checking love compatibility so as not to be disappointed in the future.

Pisces should follow the rules of a cloudless life, and from the very first day of the week, which will be the most unfavorable. Starting from the 29th, everything will change dramatically. Pisces will be able to complete the majestic devala and tune in the right way. The astrologer advises the representatives of this Sign that it is possible to devote more time to unfinished projects and listen to the advice of relatives, colleagues and friends. It will be a very bright week, so the new year of Pisces will be neatly remembered. The stars will increase the charm of Pisces, so there will be successes in the amorous sphere too.

These are the times of magic and the time of finding happiness. Three effective practices will help you bring new things and events into your life. Let the New Year’s magic touch you and your loved ones. Pavel Globa wishes you success this year and next.

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