Oct 12, 2020
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Horoscope of Pavel Globa for the week from 12 to 18 October 2020

Horoscope of Pavel Globa for the week from 12 to 18 October 2020

Pavel Globa once again spoke about how the stars and planets will affect us during the week. Follow the recommendations of the astrologer so as not to get into a difficult situation, not to make new enemies for yourself and not to lose success.

The middle of October promises to be quite unusual and interesting. You just need to remember what Pavel Globa says. According to the Woman`s day portal, for many of us this period can be crucial. The astrologer predicts solutions to many difficult situations.

There are many unusual ways to waste energy and destroy the biofield. The astrologer notes that you can lose strength if you show too much initiative. Now is not the time for unnecessary enthusiasm. Better to postpone risks and adventurism a little. You should beware of problems on the 15th - on the most unfavorable day of the week.

Numerous minor troubles can greatly upset Aries and make them doubt themselves. To prevent this from happening, you need to indulge in some shopping. Communication with loved ones will help stabilize the situation. It is possible that relatives and friends will begin to provoke Aries to negative emotions. The main task now is to avoid conflicts.

13, 14 and 15 are the most favorable days of the week. At this time, Taurus will be very lucky. The astrologer strongly advises to show more independence and strive for solitude. In such an environment, it will be easier to think and make decisions. People around you can interfere with tuning in to a working mood, letting thoughts go in the wrong direction. Following the twelve laws of the universe will not allow people to rule Taurus.

In work and business, it is better to postpone new things for now. This will be especially dangerous on Monday - the most unfavorable day of the week. Pavel Globa advises to focus on solving urgent problems, as well as to start correcting previously made mistakes.

Each Zodiac Sign has its own principles of life. Gemini will be relentlessly following their principles this week. If this is not done, chaos can begin. Risks and adventures can cause big problems and setbacks. It is also very important to rest on time. Overwork can lead to problems with well-being, especially on the 13th - on the most unfavorable day.

The most favorable days will be October 12, 16 and 17. These days, the astrologer advises to fully devote yourself to love and romance. You can flirt, go on dates, have fun with your significant other, relatives and friends. It is necessary to fight discouragement, as it will unsettle the Gemini and take away good luck.

Luck will be visiting Cancers this week, but unpredictable. In order for her to be around more often, it is worth following the ten rules of a successful person. These simple rules will help you at least maintain your success in work and business. This week, the Stars can make sure that there is no time left for work. Instead, you will have to deal with everyday problems.

The astrologer does not advise Cancers to visit crowded and noisy places, especially on the 16th, when the stars and planets enter into dissonance. It is better to devote the end of the working week and Saturday to communication with relatives and soulmates. The 13th, 14th and 18th are the days of power for Cancers, so they should be devoted to romance, quiet relaxation.

Stars will help Leo in finding a soul mate, in communicating with people. Great success awaits everyone who is forced to communicate a lot at work - with clients, colleagues. It is very important to learn how to defend against energy vampires, because in the line of people there can be unpleasant personalities, whose actions can be very dangerous.

In general, the week is ideal for travel, both business and personal. The best time to do them is from Thursday to Saturday. Constant activity can make Leos feel squeezed out like a lemon. It will be possible to restore energy on Sunday. On this unfavorable day, it is better not to do business.

Virgos should focus on finding a purpose in life. Six simple exercises will help speed this process up significantly. Also, the astrologer advises Virgos to do household chores, especially if a decent amount has accumulated. The end of the week is perfect for shopping and entertainment.

At the beginning of the week, it is better not to spend a lot of money and not shirk from work, especially on the 13th. Starting on October 14, the stars will gradually increase the positive impact. This weekend will be a magical time for love and romance. Single virgins will be able to find a soul mate, and those who are already in a relationship, the stars will give the opportunity to take them to a new level.

On Monday and Sunday, the energy of the stars for Libra will be the most creative. These days and in general at the beginning and at the end of the week you need to be ready to solve problems, to be more active. This will be the best solution for those who want to change their lives. Huge success awaits people of this Sign in the amorous sphere. This applies to both those who are lonely and those who have already found love.

The end of a work week can be dangerous. Stars and planets will become destructive on Friday. Starting Wednesday, it's best to use simple ways to attract good luck. Pavel Globa advises to be ready for any outcome. You need to be proactive and strive to find compromises.

This is not the best time to be financially active. Better not to take risks and buy anything expensive. You need to be more careful in your work and not be on the rampage, especially on the 12th - when the stars will be in a very unfavorable position. On the other hand, in the middle of the week, the energy of the night luminaries will be very favorable for rituals for wealth.

In love affairs, it is also better to suspend activity. Anyone who is single so far is better off focusing on health and mood enhancement. This week, you can safely take a vacation and relax at home, solving some domestic problems. Much attention should be paid to yourself and your family. There is no need to rush things.

It is common for each sign of the Zodiac to make their typical life mistakes, but you need to remember that each of them has their own ways of resolving. The most important thing is to be yourself and not let problem situations go unnoticed. You need to act, especially on auspicious days - Monday, Friday and Saturday.

In love, the astrologer strongly advises avoiding routine and boredom. Anyone who is still in search should amaze the opposite sex with unusual actions, fun and optimism. By radiating positive energy, you can become a magnet for love. As for work and business, in this area the time has come for making important decisions, a creative breakthrough.

A dynamic and challenging week awaits Capricorns. Pavel Globa recommends that it be easier to deal with troubles, without wasting your nerves on trifles. In the chain of affairs and worries, new opportunities can be discerned. It is possible that people of this Sign will have interesting ideas and thoughts. This will be a very important time for everyone involved in the creative field.

The 17th is the most unfavorable day of the week. At this time, Capricorns may have a feeling that they are at a dead end and do not know what to do next. This is a temporary weakness that you just need to accept and experience. The very next day, everything will return to square one, because Sunday will be one of the most positive days of the week.

Aquarius will meet and communicate with unpleasant people at the very beginning of the week. It will be very important to restore strength and energy as soon as possible after this, so as not to lose productivity and good luck. The middle and especially the end of the week are ideal for love affairs, romance and flirting. Thursday, Friday and Saturday will also be times when you need to spend time with your family.

Dating and active acquaintances will help brighten up the gray everyday life for everyone who is not yet in a relationship. In general, this week, Aquarius will almost always be followed by luck. You can start new businesses, search for new hobbies, promote new ideas at work and in business.

Lonely Pisces should direct their energy towards the search for love. It is better to pay attention to the representatives of the most faithful Signs of the Zodiac. These may not be the brightest personalities, but they will be calm next to them. Anyone who is already in a relationship is better off avoiding quarrels and conflicts, especially in the middle of the work week, when everyone is on their nerves and everything is up to their neck in business.

The astrologer advises not to enter into a showdown and conflict situations. This will be a very important time in which you can seriously excel in business, but for this you will have to be friendly and flexible in communication. Pavel Globa notes the high probability of failure of plans, the appearance of unexpected problems.

In the period from 12 to 18, intuition will become very important. Useful exercises will help you develop your sixth sense and quickly find solutions to the most difficult problems. Do not rely on the advice of others.

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