Jun 11, 2022
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Horoscope for today: for all signs of the zodiac

Horoscope for today: for all signs of the zodiac

Professional astrologers told what each of the signs of the zodiac expects today on June 11, and how to avoid mistakes in order to make the day as successful as possible!

Horoscope for June 11 for Aries

On Saturday, it will not be difficult to overfill Aries’ patience – he has less than a teaspoon! Events that on another day Aries would not pay attention to, on Saturday are able to instantly piss him off. This is especially true of ridicule (even friendly), as well as criticism of others. So that at one not very wonderful moment Aries’ emotions do not splash out on someone’s head, he should direct them in a safe direction. The best thing is to sweat on the treadmill or go to the pool: the water will wash away the negativity, filling the Aries with serenity.

Horoscope for June 11 for Taurus

On Saturday, it is difficult for others to expect logical actions from Taurus: almost everything that he does will be dictated by such iron arguments as “I want” and “I don’t want.” Throughout the day, Taurus will be dominated by desires and sudden impulses, to the point that it will not be easy for him to explain some of his steps himself! In order not to make mistakes under the influence of momentary emotions, Taurus should listen to the warnings of friends and relatives on Saturday. Just take my word for it: they know better from the outside.

Horoscope for June 11 for Gemini

On Saturday, Gemini can give some events more meaning than they deserve: their violent emotions will paint everything that happens around them in contrasting colors. Admiring and resenting for any reason, Gemini will not be the easiest person to communicate with. In addition, they may pay increased attention to signs and coincidences, giving them unjustified weight. However, the stars of the horoscope promise that if Gemini keeps their powerful emotions under control on Saturday, the day promises to be interesting, eventful and bright for them!

Horoscope for June 11 for Cancer

On Saturday, the hallmark of the Cancer horoscope is that he will be able, if he wants, to impress the right people! Events can help Cancer show himself favorably in front of superiors, colleagues, or a loved one. In order for this scenario to come true, it is enough for Cancer to be in the center of events on Saturday. And do not be shy to demonstrate to others your talents and abilities, even in the most unpredictable environment.

Horoscope for June 11 for Leo

On Saturday, Leo runs the risk of being drawn against his will into a whirlpool of events or even intrigues: those around him will try to manipulate him in pursuit of their goals. Perhaps Leo will be asked to take part in some event, playing the role assigned to him. Or they will share rumors and guesses with him so that he spreads this information further. One way or another, the stars of the horoscope advise Leo on Saturday to stay away from other people’s affairs – and the further, the better.

Horoscope for June 11 for Virgo

On Saturday, Virgo is able to swirl with a whirlpool of communication and emotions! She will be in high spirits and capable of unexpected, impulsive acts. Feelings suddenly flared up, new acquaintances, the pursuit of entertainment, unexpected decisions, flirting – all this on Saturday is quite typical for Virgo. The stars of the horoscope warn Virgo that no matter how much she wants to relax, she should not completely lose her head, and with it control over herself. Otherwise, there is a risk of accidentally crossing the line, violating some moral prohibitions.

Horoscope for June 11 for Libra

On Saturday, Libra runs the risk of encountering such not the best manifestations of feelings as greed or envy. Perhaps they will be directed at them, or maybe Libra themselves will feel an envious prick in someone’s address. To make the day go smoothly, the stars of the horoscope advise Libra on Saturday to avoid meeting people whose income or success is higher than their own. And at the same time, try not to flaunt your achievements, so as not to inadvertently cause increased salivation of others.

Horoscope for June 11 for Scorpio

On Saturday, in almost any business, Scorpio will be driven by healthy excitement! At the same time, he does not have to bet with friends or place bets on the racetrack (although why not?). First of all, the excitement of Scorpio will be expressed in his desire to get ahead of someone or to do something better than others. Rivalry can be real or fictional, but it will spur Scorpio in everything – in work, at home, in love, making his results higher, and therefore the chances of becoming the first!

Horoscope for June 11 for Sagittarius

On Saturday, the events of the day are quite capable of confusing Sagittarius, setting him an intricate task or confronting him with a real riddle. This is such a day – a day of secrets, omissions and a clear superiority of intuition over logic. Whatever secrets Sagittarius wants to penetrate on Saturday, it will be difficult to do this with the help of deduction: most likely, Sagittarius simply will not have the necessary facts for correct conclusions. But this gap will be more than filled with intuition – on Saturday, Sagittarius will have it at its best, making it incredibly insightful.

Horoscope for June 11 for Capricorn

On Saturday, the day inclines Capricorn to try something new, whether it’s an extreme sport, gaining new knowledge or love. If Capricorn has a loved one, he should spend this evening with him, trying to deviate from the usual scenario. If Capricorn is lonely, he will be wide open for acquaintances and bold experiments! In addition, on Saturday, Capricorn can perfectly prove himself in creativity: his right hemisphere will work at full capacity, providing a whole bunch of fresh, non-standard ideas.

Horoscope for June 11 for Aquarius

On Saturday, Aquarius can have big problems with self-organization! It will be more difficult than usual for him to take on daily activities and carry them out at his usual pace. Aquarius can be distracted by everything around – those around them, events, their own obsessive thoughts. Because of this absent-mindedness, even those cases that Aquarius nevertheless undertakes can fall out of his hands. The stars of the horoscope advise Aquarius on Saturday not to try to turn the tide, but to take a little time out. He should properly relax and have fun, but things can wait.

Horoscope for June 11 for Pisces

On Saturday, the stars of the horoscope are entirely on the side of Pisces! Fortune will turn to them with her smiling face, so Pisces should get ready for pleasant surprises. Perhaps Pisces will be lucky in love or they will receive money that they did not count on, or maybe they will be pleased with some good news. If Pisces are going to carry out a plan that requires a share of luck, then they can’t find a better day than Saturday for this.

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