May 15, 2022
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Horoscope for today: for all signs of the zodiac

Horoscope for today: for all signs of the zodiac

Professional astrologers told what each of the signs of the zodiac expects today on May 15, and how to avoid mistakes in order to make the day as successful as possible!

Horoscope for May 15 for Aries

On this day, Aries is categorically contraindicated in any communication with superiors. If the authorities, as luck would have it, decide to call you “on the carpet”, have some kind of conversation or talk with you on the phone, come up with any excuse. Anything: a sick grandmother, a sudden migraine, a nuclear war … Otherwise, on Sunday, communication with the authorities at Aries can smoothly flow into a conversation in raised tones, and then to dismissal.

Horoscope for May 15 for Taurus

On Sunday, Taurus will have two well-known questions on the agenda: “Who is to blame?” and “What to do?”. That’s only if the chances of finding an answer to the second question are low, then as for the search for the guilty, Taurus does not foresee any difficulties here. Thoughts about justice, as well as about who should act and how, now and then will distract Taurus from their own plans. So maybe God bless him, with the search for the guilty? Wouldn’t it be better to mind your own business?

Horoscope for May 15 for Gemini

On Sunday, the Gemini risk spending the whole day solving other people’s problems and questions. It is to this that the stars of the horoscope incline them. Because of this, their own affairs and plans may be temporarily relegated to the background. But by helping others, Gemini on Sunday have a chance to make new friends and allies. And this, you see, is also good.

Horoscope for May 15 for Cancer

On Sunday, more than ever, Cancer can surprise everyone (including himself) with his organizational skills. Something that yesterday would have had to be persuaded for a long time, on Sunday, Cancer can succeed without any extra effort. The gift of persuasion awakened by Cancer will be supported by the brightness of positive emotions, combined with impeccable logic. It will not be easy for others to resist such an arsenal!

Horoscope for May 15 for Leo

On Sunday, the motto of Leo may well be the words: “The most important thing is the order in the house”! And this applies not only to cleaning the premises, but also to the order in personal affairs. For Leo, this is a great time to strengthen relationships with loved ones or eliminate misunderstandings that may have accumulated in the family at this moment. Well, it won’t hurt him to do home improvement on Sunday either.

Horoscope for May 15 for Virgo

On Sunday, the key to the success of Virgo is consistency and gradualness, since the stars of the horoscope incline her to this. The mind on Sunday will work clearly and quickly, and indeed things promise to go like clockwork. In communication, Virgo on Sunday may well surprise others with her sanity and prudence. In business, this will bring her a lot of benefits, but a loved one, alas, can cause a yawn.

Horoscope for May 15 for Libra

On Sunday, Libra will need to sort out their finances. It is advisable not to postpone these matters for later, because there will not be a more convenient time for a long time. On Sunday, it will be very useful for Libra to sit down at the table and write down their main plans for the near future, paying special attention to the column of expenses and income. The likelihood that these plans will be successful is very high.

Horoscope for May 15 for Scorpio

On Sunday, Scorpio will want to see logic and meaning in everything, it’s only a pity that those around him will not necessarily share his moods. It’s okay, go about your business calmly, and everything will go like clockwork. On Sunday, Scorpio will be especially lucky in matters that require consistency and logic, so there is no need to waste extra emotions on anything else.

Horoscope for May 15 for Sagittarius

On Sunday, no matter what happens around, Sagittarius will prefer to put up a wall between himself and the surrounding reality. Let the world go crazy as he wants – Sagittarius on Sunday will go about his own business, no matter what. In general, this whole world is not worth being distracted by it! Well, except to talk a little about its oddities and shortcomings.

Horoscope for May 15 for Capricorn

On Sunday, Capricorn will have a chance to organize any show! The only question is what kind of show it will be – a beautiful performance with a mass of spectators or a banal family scene with breaking dishes and talking in raised tones. In any case, the artistic abilities of Capricorn on Sunday will be at their best. It remains only to find a nice use for them.

Horoscope for May 15 for Aquarius

On Sunday, Aquarius will have issues related to organization and discipline on the agenda. Everything that does not fit into the established norms and rules can cause active rejection in Aquarius. Try not to let it turn into annoyance. Well, if you don’t want to pass for a moralist, don’t try to read morality to others on Sunday. Leave it to Krylov and Lafontaine – they also did it well.

Horoscope for May 15 for Pisces

On Sunday, Pisces does not really interfere with finding time to organize some kind of friendly get-together. It is even better to arrange a joint trip with friends to some kind of event. At least to the theater, at least to an exhibition or to the cinema – the main thing is that the topic is interesting. In this case, a warm friendly atmosphere and positive emotions for Pisces on Sunday are guaranteed!

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