May 12, 2022
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Horoscope for today: for all signs of the zodiac

Horoscope for today: for all signs of the zodiac

Professional astrologers told what each of the signs of the zodiac expects today on May 12, and how to avoid mistakes in order to make the day as successful as possible!

Horoscope for May 12 for Aries

On Thursday, Aries gets a rare opportunity to do a happy job of doing nothing! Events on this day can be safely left to chance. Firstly, because Aries still cannot change their course. Secondly, any attempts to influence the situation on Thursday will lead to nothing but chaos and fuss. Well, without the intervention of Aries, everything will be organized, albeit not immediately, but by itself.

Horoscope for May 12 for Taurus

On Thursday, Taurus can discover the abilities of a general! At the very least, the desire to command will arise regularly throughout the day. At the same time, the sluggishness of others and their desire to evade their duties will cause bewilderment and annoy Taurus. Taurus himself (as is customary among generals) will not differ in promptness on Thursday either.

Horoscope for May 12 for Gemini

On Thursday, the idea that status is money will firmly settle in the Gemini’s head, and the more money you have, the stronger your position in society. The idea, of course, is not new, but since the Gemini will worry about their social status with a vengeance, they can spend the whole day thinking about how to get rich. Behind these thoughts, the day will pass unnoticed. Alas, there are few chances to really get rich on Thursday.

Horoscope for May 12 for Cancer

If yesterday Cancer started some big business around the house, then on Thursday, by inertia, it will move surprisingly easily, without a hitch. But everything else in Cancer will fall out of hand. Even the most elementary household chores on Thursday can turn into torture and a test for the nerves. Not like a pie, even a simple scrambled egg on this day can burn mercilessly, and a plate can break when washed. So it’s best to keep all household chores to a minimum as much as possible.

Horoscope for May 12 for Leo

On Thursday, Leo may experience an unprecedented uplift and enthusiasm – alas, not always appropriate. The stars of the horoscope incline to the fact that Leo will continually be inspired by various feats, but the implementation of these feats will leave much to be desired. If Leo does not want to repeat the fate of that poor fellow who broke his forehead in fervent prayer, it will be useful for him to limit his indomitable thirst for activity on this day.

Horoscope for May 12 for Virgo

On Thursday, Virgo runs the risk of experiencing firsthand all the hardships of sybaritism and epicureanism. It will be especially difficult to resist the temptation to burden your figure and conscience with some delicious high-calorie dish. So if the Virgo is set to fight with kilograms, on Thursday it is better for her not to appear in those places where it smells delicious. And do not delude yourself that, they say, one piece is not much. On Thursday, where there is one, there are fifteen!

Horoscope for May 12 for Libra

On Thursday at Libra, the day promises to pass according to the well-known motto: “All or nothing.” And it is not known which of these is better. If Libra succumbs to the temptation to sleep longer and do nothing at all, then the day will pass, albeit without great achievements, but calmly. But if on Thursday they get down to business, then the dust at the same time can raise such that it will not seem small! So maybe it’s really better to rest?

Horoscope for May 12 for Scorpio

On Thursday, the day for Scorpio will be marked by passivity and relaxation. However, it will be a very harmonious passivity. On this day, the stars of the horoscope are unlikely to demand increased energy from Scorpio, and he himself will not want to be active either. At any opportunity to relax and do nothing, Scorpio will gladly give himself up to this activity. And this Thursday will be the most correct decision.

Horoscope for May 12 for Sagittarius

On Thursday morning, Sagittarius may be haunted by some kind of global idea. Sagittarius will think about it all day, carrying it, like a mother carrying a child, however, most likely, until the very evening, nothing sensible will be born from this idea. But if it is still born, it will really be something with something!

Horoscope for May 12 for Capricorn

On Thursday, Capricorn can be accompanied by a feeling of discontent in almost everything. The most ordinary, everyday affairs will move forward with difficulties and slippage, which obviously will not fill Capricorn with optimism. Most likely, he will want to somehow pour out his irritation on those who are nearby (including those close to him). This should not be done, since it will not give a positive effect, but it can ruin relationships. Better to just endure the day.

Horoscope for May 12 for Aquarius

On Thursday, Aquarius will want to somehow stir up others and captivate them with something interesting. However, this is not recommended! Firstly, it will be very difficult to rock someone on this day. Secondly, if it still succeeds, the result may not be as rosy as it seems to Aquarius. So it’s better not to disturb anyone on Thursday, but to go about your business.

Horoscope for May 12 for Pisces

On Thursday, the energy potential of Pisces will be no less than that of dynamite! The only question is what use of this energy will be found by the Pisces themselves. If your vigorous activity is directed in some useful direction, you will be able to do as much in one day as others could not in a month. But if this energy is directed somewhere in the wrong place … Alas, dynamite is dynamite!

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