May 9, 2022
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Horoscope for today: for all signs of the zodiac

Horoscope for today: for all signs of the zodiac

Professional astrologers told what each of the signs of the zodiac expects today on May 9, and how to avoid mistakes in order to make the day as successful as possible!

Horoscope for May 9 for Aries

On Monday, the day at Aries promises to pass without much shock. Things will work out quite easily, and fate can provide a good chance to strengthen your social status. In order not to frighten off luck, Aries on Monday should avoid any extravagance, both in appearance and in behavior. Classical style, restraint in words and gestures – and luck will turn to you with the right part of the body!

Horoscope for May 9 for Taurus

On Monday, Taurus will obviously not be in the mood for new acquaintances. And in general, he will treat everything new with great care. But if the acquaintance does take place on this day, then we can expect that it will be especially strong and long. A friend found on Monday can become the closest and most beloved for Taurus for many, many years.

Horoscope for May 9 for Gemini

On Monday, the intellect of Gemini will not only be sharpened, but also harmoniously complemented by such a useful quality as critical thinking. In other words, Gemini will have fewer stupid thoughts on Monday, and the likelihood of doing stupid things is completely minimal. You should not miss such an auspicious moment, because it is on this day that Gemini has a chance to best solve any of their questions and problems.

Horoscope for May 9 for Cancer

On Monday, Cancer will be a very careful and careful owner. Do not even try to ask Cancer for money on credit on Monday – it will not give! Or give with such reservations that you don’t want to take it. In general, in everything that concerns their wallet, Cancer on Monday will not be inclined to make any concessions. In particular, he will not indulge his own whims, both in shopping and in food, showing reasonable restraint.

Horoscope for May 9 for Leo

Monday at Leo promises to pass against the backdrop of obsessive thoughts on the topic: what is still better – determination or caution? While you think, you risk missing both time and opportunities. And the answer is actually obvious: choosing from these two qualities, try to combine them. In general, for Leo on Monday, the rule of success sounds something like this: “I came, I thought, I won.”

Horoscope for May 9 for Virgo

On Monday, Virgo’s day will pass under a not-so-optimistic star. Everything that happens will cause her bouts of discontent and disappointment. However, dissatisfaction is unlikely to be too deep and will not go beyond a deaf grunt. If Virgo has something important planned for this day, it is better to postpone it until later. On Monday, any business will be hampered by her passivity and indecision.

Horoscope for May 9 for Libra

On Monday, Libra’s day promises to pass under the star of melancholy and despondency. Alas, everything that could not be done yesterday, all the more so, will not be able to finish this day. But what is there to finish, even if Libra doesn’t want to start anything on Monday? Complete spit and lack of enthusiasm. Therefore, if you can postpone some things for later, do so. This will do them good.

Horoscope for May 9 for Scorpio

On Monday, no special changes are planned in the daily life of Scorpio. Things promise to go without too much fuss, and the decisions made will be distinguished by balance. On top of that, Scorpio on Monday is not inclined to take risks, preferring to be cautious. Perhaps on this day there will be no revolutionary breakthroughs and accomplishments, but unpleasant falls are not expected.

Horoscope for May 9 for Sagittarius

On Monday, the main trend of the day for Sagittarius will be boredom. On the one hand, in his heart he will want to do at least something interesting. On the other hand, there will be, alas, few chances for this. You should not expect that someone from those around you will take the initiative and bring Sagittarius out of this passive state. It is also unlikely that Sagittarius will be able to find entertainment on their own. Well, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to get bored either.

Horoscope for May 9 for Capricorn

On Monday, Capricorn will be ready to see signs of a conservative and a retrograde in almost every one of his acquaintances. Especially infuriating will be the unwillingness of others to accept his thoughts and ideas. Nothing but stubborn stubbornness, Capricorn will not be able to explain such behavior and will continue to insist on his own – no less stubbornly.

Horoscope for May 9 for Aquarius

On Monday, everyone who wants to ride on the neck of Aquarius can rest: it is hardly possible to rock him for any business. In principle, Aquarius will not even object – he will simply hesitate and think for so long that those who want to ride at his expense will not have enough patience. But in their own affairs, Aquarius on Monday will also not be too quick. Most likely, the whole day will be spent on buildup and reflection.

Horoscope for May 9 for Pisces

On Monday, if anything can piss off Pisces, it’s the need to change something. Any changes in life or relationships will seem unreasonable, illogical, and generally unnecessary to Pisces. If someone starts some kind of revolution on Monday, then it is worth noting: the day for this is far from the best. And in the company of Pisces – especially.

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